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Found A Cheap Water Shutoff Valve

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  • Found A Cheap Water Shutoff Valve

    I was looking setting up my irrigation a while ago, but needing 5 valves and being several hundred each (including the Australian ripoff tax we have down here) i found these.
    I control them with z-wave devices and they have been working flawlessly for about 2 years.

    Worked out a lot cheaper.


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    You can go cheaper than that mate I've got four of the $20 models, also from Bunnos.

    Do you have the GoControl irrigation controller? 15 zones for only $60 USD

    Also for shutting off an actual mains water supply, I'd probably look at the attach-on z-wave ball valve operators, there's one from Dome. My plumber warned me I'd have trouble getting tradies to install something that wasn't watermarked for Australia market (ie the HomeSeer in line models).


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      I did see the $19 ones. Went the slightly more expensive ones thinking that may last longer.

      That GoControl looks interesting, I'll be looking into that.

      I have all mine going to a 'master' bunno solenoid valve connected to a garden tap so didn't really need a plumber.