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  • GoControl Irrigation status

    Recently installed the GoControl Irrigation controller. All is mostly working well. I ran into an issue where my gfi had somehow pop'd so there was no power to the controller.
    Any ideas on how I can simply poll the controller once a day to confirm it is communicating/has power?

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    You can poll it through a script and if it returns OK, it is good, if it's not communicating, it will return Timeout_OK.

    Here's the script commands you would need:

    Dim PollResult As New HomeSeerAPI.IPlugInAPI.PollResultInfo
    PollResult = hs.PluginFunction("Z-Wave", "", "PollDevice", New Object() {dvRef})  
    hs.writelog(logName, "Device: " & dvRef & ") Result: " & PollResult.Result.ToString & " (" & PollResult.Value.ToString    & ")")
    Replace dvRef with the reference id of the GoControl's root device. You could use the result to change a virtual device that could be the trigger for notifying you. How would you want to be notified?
    HS 1976 Devices 1156 Events
    Z-Wave 123 Nodes on one Z-Net


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      I was hoping to avoid a script, but I guess its time to get my feet wet lol


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        Wouldn't setting the device's Z-Wave Polling Interval to 23:59:59 and then have an event watching for a change to a non-normal status work?


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          mcssprinklers plugin supports the gocontrol and provides s much nicer setup than using hs events. it handles the status and notifications of failures