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Need a replacement for my GreenIQ irrigation controller (UK based)

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  • Need a replacement for my GreenIQ irrigation controller (UK based)

    I have a grren IQ irrigation controller, and as the company has gone bust its difficult to control my solenoid 4 way valve now. I think in the UK we are quite limited as what integrates with HS, I am looking at Linktap, I think there will be a PI soon, and I think I can buy that in the UK. I also have a fortrez flow control. So to summarise, I need to control 4 solenoids, and ideally be able to read the flow control data, and integrate it all into HS...

    Any suggestions ?

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    If you are comfortable with flashing firmware in microcontrollers then the Sonoff 4CH Pro with the irrigation firmware I have made available is a good WiFi solution. You can control it via HTTP, MQTT or 433 MHz RF. mcsSprinklers makes it easy to integrate into HS. I will also flash one for you, but you need to cover shipping from USA to UK. They sell for around $35 in USA when getting them from China or a few dollars more if via Amazon or similiar.


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      I will have a look at that


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        The problem I see with your solution, my solenoid valves need power. The GreenIQ does supply that (I think its 12V but have to check). Also it needs to be waterproof. I could get a waterproof enclosure, and maybe construct something with a power supply. But that all seems a lot of hassle. I think ideally I'll find a ready made solution, with all built in. I'll keep it in mind though

        I have the eZyvalve 4 - Valve Box with 4 Solenoid Valves 3/4" which needs 24V supply

        which needs to be controlled from the irrigation controller


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          Power comes from a wall wart or similar. That is standard for irrigation valves in the USA. The power is daisy-chained from the wallwart to one side of each Sonoff 4CH relay. The other side goes to the valve that is normally in the field. Common ground return. Does your green IQ have a single plug to the mains with a 220 to 20VAC transformer built inside the unit?


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            It has a separate power supply. Not sure what voltage it delivers to the controller, but I can have a look when I get in, it should be on the adapter

            I have a 5 core cable going to the valve box, 1 common and 1 for each valve


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              In the USA 24VAC is used for irrigation valves. I understand the Sonoff 4CH PRO would work, but you want something that already comes in a waterproof enclosure and with minimal hookup hassle for you. I have seen the irrigation controllers mounted outside in a waterproof box and I have seen them mounted inside where weather is not a concern.


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                I have just found a cheap rain bird with a wifi module. That is basically a straight swap, and I can control it via an app. Shame I cannot integrate it into HS, but maybe that'll be possible in the future