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    What are suggestions for drip irrigation systems? Our yard needs to be redone but we probably will use fake grass (saves water, no lawn mover, no lawn moving, no sprinkler system to install). Hence, I only need a system to water a good number of plants/flowers. I was first thinking of a hose timer but I couldn't find any with z-wave support. The very few with WiFi don't have plugins and only have one output (I probably will need 3). So I am considering an in-line valve, something like the Orbit 57280. Then I control that with the OpenSprinkler which I own (but not yet use). Does that sound reasonable or are there any better suggestions?

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    I have developed firmware for Sonoff 4CH Pro which is a 4 channel WiFi device. This firmware will assure irrigation on some programmed interval and protect from valve remaining open for too long. It is interfaced with HS via HTTP or MQTT. it is most easily integrated with mcsSprinklers plugin. There is a section in I have flashed for others or it can be done using instructions found many places on the web. It also has RF keyfob control which is useful when outside and doing manual maintenance of the irrigation system.

    This is the controller which has 4 relays that will allow voltage/current to be controlled going to a valve with a solenoid that then will control water flow. This is typical of most irrigation controllers. For irrigation a common concern is lightning. MOV filters can be added that sometimes work depending upon proximity of the strike. Since the Sonoff is only $35 it is likely easier to have extra should one become a victim.

    This approach is very effective and low cost. It however does not come as a shrink wrapped off the shelf product that you just order from Amazon.


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      Be careful when you choose a valve for drip irrigation. Not all of them are rated to handle lower flow rates. I have OpenSprinkler controlling 6 valves. 3 are normal sprinklers and 3 are XCZ075PRF valves that are specially rated for lower flow rates like drip irrigation. This one is rated to .2 to 5 gpm.


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        Look up link tap on amazon....also a plugin for it. Researching same thing...


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          Didn't see this until now. If you're still looking, I used an unusual product from opensprinkler called OSBee, which is a wifi device that will control three latching valves. It's not z-wave, but I control it from HomeSeer using some JSON commands over wifi. I chose this device because I was retrofitting an existing drip system that has conventional valves, which are controlled by an opensprinkler device, and I had no way to run wire to control new valves. So, I used the 24VAC going to an existing valve to power the OSBee (through a gizmo I found on Amazon, which changes power to 5VDC for the OSBee -- This allowed me to replace one conventional valve with three latching valves, all controlled from HS (but could also be controlled from a regular opensprinkler controller.)