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SimpleHomeNet EZRain and HS Control

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  • SimpleHomeNet EZRain and HS Control

    I have searched the forums for help on this topic but have not been successful to date. There are numerous posts but none that I have found with the level of detail that I require. I have a SimpleHomeNet EZRain irrigation controller and am hoping to leverage it via HS. I am looking for the following

    # 1) Someone that has the EZRain working with you Insteon Plugin (I am running the PLM 2413U). How did you get it setup? How did you get the device recognized and configured? Assume you needed to leverage the Insteon_ExtDevSupport.VB? If yes what is the most current version and how should it be applied?

    # 2) Someone that has the EZRain working with MCSprinkler? What was the process to get that configured.

    So basically my top priority is to just get it working with HS and secondly I would like to leverage the added functionality of the MCSprinkler Plugin.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    You may want to post this question in the Insteon forum.


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      Thanks Rupp - I will do that.