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Migrating from Raindial to Rain8net

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  • Migrating from Raindial to Rain8net


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    Originally posted by Mael View Post

    1. Can I run a Homeseer plugin to communicate with the Rain8net controller and mcsSprinklers Pro simultaneously or will the two conflict?
    You might get better response if you asked these questions on the mcsSpriklers forum, but to answer your question, from what I've heard the plug-in integrates seamlessly with mcsSprinklers.

    I think that is the only option. As I understand it, the only difference between the HS plug-in and the stand-alone version is a small interface program that is the actual plug-in. Otherwise the plug-in and the stand-alone program are identical.

    3. Can I run mscSprinklers Pro on office computer and have it communicate with the RS232 connection on the HSPro Server? Would I need to run mcsSprinklers Pro on both the office computer and the HSPro server to make this work?
    I run the pro version on a separate computer and use xAP to allow HS to communicate with it. The only disadvantage is that it adds another layer, but other than understanding how the xAP plug-in works with HS, I've had no problem with the setup. Technically, though, the serial connection needs to go to the computer running mcsSprinklers. There are some ways around that, but they will add some complexity (and cost, potentially). I've had no problem running the program on a remote computer. The main interface with it is via a browser interface, so you really can access its functions from virtually anywhere.
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      Uncle Michael is correct in his responses and I think you are making this more complicated than it needs to be. You will setup mcsSprinkler Pro as a Homeseer plugin. You will not run the standalone version of mcsSprinklers Pro. You will not run any other Homeseer plugins to talk with the Rain8Net.

      You can access mcsSprinklers via the standard Homeseer browser interface. You can control valves manually via Homeseer if you desire, but typically all control logic is built-in to mcsSprinklers with a user interface that is approriate for an irrigation controller rather than just a generalized device/event application.

      You can build your own HSTouch layout and mcsSprinklers provides a very rich set of information that is available to support custom user interfaces. mcsSprinklers comes with two touchscreen layouts which provide much more intergrated functionality on a single screen than you will be able to achieve with HSTouch. What I have seen posted recently is a user that embedded the mcsSprinklers 800x600 pixel touchscreen interface in their HSTouch page so you get both the capability of the mcsSprinklers layout and the navigation to their other HSTouch pages.


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        Thanks for answering my questions. Sorry for the confusion, but I didn't realize that mcssprinklers pro came in both a stand alone and HS plugin format

        I appreciate your patience