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Small greenhouse misting system

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  • Small greenhouse misting system

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a misting system controller? I have a misting system in place for my 25' x 8' greenhouse filled with orchids. The misting system has garden hose connections and is currently on an electronic timer (max of 4 mistings per day). Using an electronic timer is not all that great because it can only be programmed to come on at specific times. During the summer I frequently need more frequent mistings than the current timer can provide. On the other hand, during the winter I need fewer or no mistings due to cooler temps on cloudy days.

    Z-wave would be my preferred method of control, but the current offerings are a bit more than I want to pay (but would begrudgingly pay if they can work with my system and minimal modification). I can do simple plumbing, but prefer everything accept the garden hose fittings that are present.

    Ideally, I would like to set control of the misting controller based on temperature. I'd also be fine with set misting durations and manually controlling it from HomeSeer via my PC or smartphone while I'm away.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

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    I would use an irrigation valve controlled with an Evolve LFM-20.


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      I use this sort of system at home, except i did not separate the misting from the normal irrigation (although that is on my to do list). I have around 10 misters connected above a bench which are controlled by a Rain8 - X10 controlled module, there are Ethernet options available, or RS232 which could potentially be done wirelessly (Bluetooth RS232 adapter).

      If you were going Z-Wave, i think by far the easiest option would simply be to put a valve connected to the Z-Wave module then just turn it on, and off accordingly. The great thing about these systems is that the schedules can be increased, or decreased as required - For example if the temperature in the greenhouse gets above 30 Deg C, then maybe water six times a day instead of four (and so on).
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        How about PAWS?

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          Thanks for the suggestions. I think I'm staying with Z-Wave and use travisdh's suggestion. I think that will be the simplest way to fulfill my needs.


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            the most important thing, and I say this from experience is to make sure that your valve is connected into the tap, that is run the tap strait to the valve, then on the other end of the tap you could add a hose fitting which runs to your misting system.

            Doing it so that it runs Tap --> Hose --> Valve is a bad idea, for lots of reasons but the main one is if the valve disconnects from the hose, and the tap is on it will just keep running, and running and running.

            In my greenhouse i had a similar setup for the first few days, since i wanted to have a pressurized hose i could use to water plants in the greenhouse without having to turn on the sprinklers, the valve blew off the hose due to the heat buildup in the greenhouse expanding the pipes, and more or less flooded the outside greenhouse (at least it was outside) for about half a day, luckily my neighbor saw water coming into their back yard and turned the water off for me, but lesson learnt.

            Now the valve is at the tap end, which turns everything on, and if i want to have more control, i just add another valve in the greenhouse to divert water flow to the appropriate area.
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