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HS3 on Linux - controller options?

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  • HS3 on Linux - controller options?

    I forgot about the plugin limitations of HS3 on Linux. I was narrowing down my decision to opensprinkler and etherrain when I realized that the plugins are not available for these systems on Linux. Is Rain8 basically my only options when running HS3 on Linux?

    Also I'm running HS3 as a VM so I think Rain8 requires an RS232 connection. Not sure how I would manage that.

    Any ideas?


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    mcsSprinklers runs under Linux and controls EtherRain. In the Linux configuration it manages the hardware with monitoring so this likely will be a problem with a VM configuration. Integration with HS is via mcsXap plugin.

    For a serial connection or Rain8Net an IP to Serial converter can be used. mcsSprinklers manages the native IP interface. If your IP to Serial converter has a Linux COM emulation then you can use any plugin that runs under HS3 that supports the Rain8Net.


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      Thanks for the reply.
      I'm not following completely what you said. mcsSprinkler supports linux but since I'm running in a VM then it will not work for me?

      Is my only option to get an IP to Serial converter?