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    Originally posted by socalsharky View Post
    Is the plug-in for opensprinkler still working? Based on the dedicated thread it appears that Matty is no longer maintaining it.

    Any updated recommendations for the best sprinkler controller that will integrate with HS3?
    OpenSprinkler plug-in still works on my controller, but since OS upgrades there hardware and api occasionally, there's no guarantee. However, prior to Matty writing the plug-in I was able to control and monitor my system via HS using scripts.

    The nice thing about OS is that it is a stand-alone system. If HS goes down, it will still work and run schedules as long as it has power.

    Price and the iOS app are what drove my decision to buy it. I have 23 zones and have had mine 4 years with no problems.


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      FWIW, I have opensprinkler as well, and have found it to work very well I actually had it integrated into my older system (Vera), and ended up removing it because the automation within the OS app was what I was looking for, and couldn't find any reason to run it within the HS environment.

      There may be some fun things you can do ... but none that I really needed (like turn on front sprinklers if someone is in my yard after midnight :-) )

      That said, if there is something interesting, i'd be willing to integrate again!