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  • Hardware/Controller Recommendation

    I recently migrated from Vera. Because of the instability of my Vera system, I ever got the irrigation fully implemented.

    I currently have two IrrigationCaddy's, one with 2 zones, and the other with 35 zones. Because there is no plugin available, I am considering new controllers.

    Here's a list of what I think I am looking for.
    1. Stand-alone unit that does not require HS
    2. Prefer to now require an internet connection
    3. I really just want to be able to see what's running, such as schedule, zone # run time left
    4. I want to be able to start and stop programs, zones, and even turn it off in bad weather if it does not already support this feature.

    I could be wrong, but OpenSprinkler seems to provide what I need. Then, I could use the mcsSprinkler plugin. Does this seem like a good and appropriate setup?