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Zones not shutting off

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  • Zones not shutting off


    I have three rain8netPro units (master and two slave units) controlling a total of 20 valves. I will intermittently have zones not shut off on the unit itself. HS shows the zones as off, but they are physically on. Even sending an off command to them won't shut them down. The only way to shut the zones off is the physically use the off button on the units themselves. This seems to be specific to only a few valves. However, it's a nuisance since I have well water and if I operate more then two zones at a time my well breaker trips off and I lose water.

    I do have logging enabled for both send and receive commands and would be happy to share the log files if needed.

    I've swapped com ports (was using a USB to DB9). I've also re-programmed the units with the WGL supplied utility.

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    Attach the debug log from the plugin showing the issue
    Let me know what you did in the log
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