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Turning on all zones with no indication??

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    Turning on all zones with no indication??

    This has been the 2 time I found my two zones simultaneously "on" on the designated day with any device indication that there on. The the worst thing last night the sprinklers where on all night without me knowing. Normally when the sprinklers are on HS speak that there on and notify when there turning off.

    I believe this started to happen since the last update not so long ago. Before they worked with no issues. Was wondering if anyone have had any issues like this before?

    As a precaution I have a event that shuts them off after a designated time, in case blrain8 doesn't shut them off, but since the drvices don't show they where "on" they did not trigger.
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    Win.2003 OS, HS3
    BLups,BLrain8,HSTouch,Ultrajones Weatherbug,
    AP800,Honeywell Stat

    did you ever solve? i found a zone running today that was degfinitely OFF in the status and in my log but it was on...
    HS3 , Zwave, HometrollerS6, ELK M1G Ultra; mcs sprinklers; WGL800; BLRF; BLNetCallerID; BLSpeech