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EZFlora Plugin Version

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  • EZFlora Plugin Version

    New Features
    - Added selectable logging levels
    - Added method to unregister devices from Inteon plugin when the EZFlora plug in shutdown (Requires Version or greater of the mnsandler Insteon plugin)

    To Install:
    1. Shutdown HomeSeer
    2. Copy the hspi_ezflora.dll to the homeseer folder
    3. Open the EZFlora.ini file located in the HomeSeer\Config folder
    4. Add the following line under the NUMDEVICES entry in the CONFIG section:
    5. Change the X to either 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 as described below:
    0 = Minimal logging (only critical errors are displayed)
    1 = (Recommended) Basic logging (basic status messages and errors are displayed)
    2 = Expanded logging (shows advanced status messages of plugin operation)
    3 = Detailed logging (shows all status messages and EZFlora Insteon message traffic)
    4 = Debug logging (displays the maximum number of messages useful for submitting a bug report)
    6. Save the changes to the EZFlora.ini
    7. Restart HomeSeer
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