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Official LinkTap Plugin - No longer supported!

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    hello !

    I got a question for you.

    I want to know if we can turn on and off the linktap with you're plugin it seem to be available with api ?

    I only got this
    Click image for larger version

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    thank you

    ​​​​​​​Have a nice day


      I will have a look into this.


        Originally posted by sirmeili View Post
        I will have a look into this.
        Thank you i really appreciate!


          I have installed the PI on HS4, got the api, and the PI said creating devices. Unfortunately it did not create any devices though.

          I had the wrong user name, with the right user name it has now created the devices in HS4. I am going to have a play, and if I can do what I need to do I will buy it.


            I have been testing the LinkTap PI, it works well for me on HS4. I mainly use Instant mode, as I use the LinkTap together with a Rachio controller, and the LinkTap is only used to turn the water on/off for peace of mind. (I had leaks in the past and the water ran for days before I noticed). So when the Rachio turns watering on, it turns on my LinkTap, and when it turns off, it tuens off the LinkTap. What I am looking for (not sure its possible from the api) is a sinple On / Off without setting a time. My schedules can run anything up to 3 hours, and the maximum I can set instant mode to is 120 mins. If On / Off without time is not possible, is it possible to change or add longer times, say up to 200 mins ? Or a custom value maybe ?


              I hate to dig up an old thread here but wanted to provide some input...

              I am on HS4 with the latest version of the plugin.... when I select mode "instant" it goes to chooses Interval on the actual app on my phone. Were you aware of that? Perhaps some code has changed?


                I think HS4 has broken the PI. Although gateway and linktap show as connected, they do not turn the tap on or off. Going back to my backup, and its working again


                  Curious if anyone is successfully running this PI under HS on windows. TIA - TB


                    I just bought a Link-Tap, the stand alone interface works great. I was wondering if the plug in for Homeseer meant you have to get a zigbee usb stick or does the plug in work without zigbee?