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Weather after update not working

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  • Weather after update not working

    I am having problems with the weather update after the update. Blank page like described in other post when I "evaluate internet download..." Most critically none of the valves are turning on because low temperature is being reported, but it is 100 deg in Tucson!

    I have attached a picture of my weather setup page and the valve delayed. The first valve is on because I turned it on manually.

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    I think you are missing the pws: before the station Id. You may want to try that.

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      mcsSprinklers will prepend the pws if user does not enter it.

      Download3.txt in \data\mcsSprinklers will contain the actual text returned from WU. There may be information in that file to help diagnose the reason expected data is not being returned. Also note the file date to confirm it is actually being downloaded.

      I am away through the Labor Day holiday so can only provide help from memory now. I think download2.txt is the WU forecast. I could have the numbers skewed such that download2 rather than download3 is the WU current conditions. I could have the path slightly off.

      Until problem is isolated I suggest changing the Area Page control strategy to fixed interval rather than ET using a safe interval for Tuscon that is consistent with what you have realized earlier this summer. You can approximate it by looking at the calendar that will have the past month or so.


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        The file date is current so something is being downloaded. However, In both files I find no data instead:

        "response": {
        "features": {
        "error": {
        "type": "keynotfound"
        ,"description": "this key does not exist"


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          This is telling me that the API license for WU that is entered for the WU Forecast is not a valid one. It could be the station ID that it is complaining about, but seems more like a message associated with the API license key.

          If you go to the weatherunderground site you should be able to do some investigation with your browser.


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            Thank you. Yes that was it. Got a new API code. Everything looks good now. When I ask mcsSprinklers to evaluate internet download I get a screen with all the information from my weather stations on WU.

            I wonder why the new code now? I mean the old code has been working for years.

            Just a coincidence with the mcsSprinklers upgrade?