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Seasonal Percentrages Options Missing

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  • Seasonal Percentrages Options Missing

    I recently added two new areas and the "Seasonal Percentrages Options" is Missing. I found an old thread that identified a control strategy as ET calculated as the reason but my control strategy for these areas is "day of the week" not ET calculated. I have six areas and for areas 1-4 the Seasonal Percentrages Options is present but not for these new areas I just added.

    Thank you in advance...

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    I suspect you have completed interview and the display pages have been tailored based upon your interview answers. You can go back and repeat the interview step where this is setup, but it will be easier to change the Other Page at the bottom from User to Expert mode. This will show the monthly percentages on the Area Page and you can change each Area so that at least one month is not 100%. After this the segment should continue to be visible after you go back to User mode.