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renumber zones?

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  • renumber zones?

    when all zones run in order, is it the order of the unit and valve?
    also, how can i renumber the R#s for my zones? simply assign on the Remote setup page? that way I can have the device list fall in order when HS displays them by address. thanks
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    Zones run in Area order and then in the order the zones were defined within the Area. There are no provisions made in the user interface to change the order after the setup. The order is shown on the Zone Status page, Run List Page or popup on the Touch Pages.

    I am not understanding the question about R#'s. As you have shown there are multiple mcsSprinklers pages that show the R# and the zone name that was originally setup on the Wiring Page.

    Within HS3 the Device Management page shows the relationship between the zone name and the R# (Device Code).

    If you want to see both the R# and the Zone name in the same place then the easiest thing to do is use the Wiring Page to change the name of the zone to include other information. For example, if you now have Module 1 Valve 1 wiring defined as "Flower Pot" on the Wiring Page and mcsSprinklers has assigned it "R5" then use the Wiring Page to rename "Flower Pot" to something like "R05-Flower Pot". If you sort your HS3 Devices page by Name then it will list the zones in the R# order with this technique. If you have pictures defined/uploaded then they will also need to be renamed to be the same. This can be done by uploading them again or more easily by editing the name with Windows Explorer in \html\mcsSprinklers\Pictures.


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      thanks. understood. i guess my question is can I change the device (R) code of each zone if i want to.
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        Yes and No. mcsSprinklers assigns the relative number of the device code and the user can specify a non-default house code on what I think is the Other Page. No user interface is provided to change the device code number.

        What can be done is a careful manual edit of mcsSprinklers.ini. I think the only part that defines the R# is section [Rain8Units]. If you change them there then it should establish new relationships during initialization.

        For example assume the following in your current setup
        Net 1 Valve 1, Name:Zone A, R1, Ref:1000
        Net 1 Valve 4, Name:Zone D, R4, Ref:1004

        Disable mcsSprinklers. Edit mcsSprinklers.ini to swap R1 and R4 mapping to valves.
        NET:1:1=R1,60,false ... change to NET:1:1=R4,60,false
        NET:1:4=R4,60,false ... change to NET:1:4=R1,60,false

        Enable mcsSprinklers. Observe HS3 Device Management for "Zone A". It will now be R4 and continue to be Ref:1000

        While this may not be exactly what you are trying to achieve, it will show you the technique to be able to do what you actually want to do.

        Note that the database also contains information keyed by R# so if you want your history maintained from the database then a similar edit of the table column names needs to be done. If you do not care about the history then it does not matter if the database is updated.


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          thanks Mike. i appreciate all your help here. thats it from me for a while!
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