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    I must not have something right.

    I have my sprinklers set to run after midnight.

    I have the Don't with Precipitation Forecast and Actual set as....

    Within next 1 Days with 95% Probability
    Within Prior 2 Days for 0.25 Inches
    On today for 0.25 inches

    Yet even when get over an inch of rain yesterday, this morning at 12:01 am, the sprinklers still ran.

    Max days without watering is set to 2.

    Any thoughts?
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    If you have the debug enabled then the information to provide specific answer will be available from the debug files that can be accessed from the Other Page or from the html\mcsSprinklers\data folder.

    Without this then a look at the database (typically in \data\mcsSprinklers folder). The sensor table contain Rain and F1Rain, F2Rain...F5Rain columns to see what was actually recorded by mcsSprinklers. It could be that what your weather source provided is different than what you observed.

    The max days parameter at only 2 seems aggressive. Three days is a typical irrigation cycle in the summer. It is intended to provide some life-support and not intended for regular irrigation cycle timing. It does not consider rainfall as being an irrigation cycle so if it has not ran in two days then this would be the reason that the irrigation occurred today.


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      The Rain value shows NULL through all rows....

      The f1, f2, f3, f4, f5 are
      3000,0,0,1000,1000 for the last couple of rows.
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        You should look at your setup on Weather Setup Page for the source of Rainfall sensor. It appears it is not delivering anything. If you are using WeatherUnderground it is often the case that the reporting station does not have a rain bucket. It looks as if the forecast is 30% chance in the next day. Setup of 95% is pretty strict for forecast. If you look at your forecast history you will probably find very few with 95% to 100%.


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          It's my own weather station, and it uploads to WU. Ill tweak the settings on the weather setup page. 80% chance of rain...and changed the Weather page to the HS Devices that's are updated directly from the station rather than pulling from WU.
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