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2 Rain8net Master Controllers

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  • 2 Rain8net Master Controllers

    In the interview process there is a page that asks for the number of Master Controllers - perfect! When I select 2 (presumably so that I can specify 2 COM ports on a later page) it will not accept it - the page just refreshes with the query box empty. Can't seem to get past this to actually enter the Port numbers for each master.

    Current Date/Time: 3/21/2018 7:39:54 PM
    HomeSeer Version: HS3 Pro Edition
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home - Work Station
    System Uptime: 0 Days 0 Hours 49 Minutes 56 Seconds
    IP Address:
    Number of Devices: 537
    Number of Events: 233
    Available Threads: 800

    Enabled Plug-Ins ADIO-100 BLBackup BLSecurity BLShutdown BLUPS Insteon Thermostat Insteon MCSSPRINKLERSP

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    The interview may have an issue in this area as not many use multiple masters. Go the Other Page and at the bottom select Expert Mode. Go to the Rain8/Devices Page and then do the entry of the second port. You can go back to User mode after this if you like.


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      Ok this worked to open two ports. Still struggling. Can't seem to set it up to recognize even one valve from each Rain8net master box. Even though the plug-in recognizes that I have two masters (COM11, COM12) that are set up to be #1 and #2 as per instructions, there is no communication and I'm getting errors in the Homeseer log file:
      Mar-24 3:19:47 PM mcsSprinklers ReadSprinklerZones valve NET:2:1 does not exist in Unit dictionary
      Mar-24 3:19:47 PM mcsSprinklers ReadSprinklerZones valve NET:1:1 does not exist in Unit dictionary
      Mar-24 3:19:37 PM mcsSprinklers OpenProgrammingPort Line 0 The port 'COM' does not exist.
      Mar-24 3:19:36 PM mcsSprinklers ReadSprinklerZones valve NET:2:1 does not exist in Unit dictionary
      Mar-24 3:19:36 PM mcsSprinklers ReadSprinklerZones valve NET:1:1 does not exist in Unit dictionary

      how should I proceed?


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        post your file that is at HS install location /Config/mcsSprinklers.ini. I can then see what you have setup and provide specific guidance.


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          zipped ini file attached - thanks
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            I loaded your file and see the two Rain8Net units setup, but the Wiring page does not have the candidate valves for use. I need to look into what has happened. Likely related to the interview with dual units not being done correctly. It should not be hard to get over this hurdle and then it should be clear sailing.


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              I did the following steps. You should be able to use the attached .ini to continue

              Other Page
              Homeseer Setup Options selected R and S for Valve and Status house codes.
              This appears to be the root cause of problems. HS no longer makes these manditory.
              I should have this as part of interview. It should have defaulted to R and S, but did not see it.

              Rain8 Page
              Did Save to assure the two Rain8 units were setup

              Wiring Page
              1 wire in harness #1. I changed it to 8 to handle all your potential wires from first module. Did Save
              This made all the valves available for selection.
              I selected first one and set control valve 1 from unit 1 to be control for "Front Drip"
              Did Save
              Second wiring harness becomes available. I selected 8 number of wires for it too.
              Did Save.
              I selected first row in second harnesse and set control from valve 8 unit 2 to be control for "Back Lawn"
              I selected second row and assigned Valve 1 Unit 2 to ""Veg Garden"
              Did Save
              At this point there are three valves assigned across your two Rain8 modules

              Layout Page
              Clicked Area 1 to be Front Drip
              Clicked Area 2 for both Veg Garden and Back Lawn
              Did Save
              Selected Dront Drip Auto and Manual minutes to 40
              Selected Veg Garden to 15 minutes for both
              sELECTED 30 minutes for Back Lawn
              Did Save

              Area Page
              Area 1 Control Strategy for Interval every 3 days
              Area 2 Control Strategy to be ET (calculated) with moisture level at 20%
              Area 2 Inhibit time to Absolute 00:00 (midnight) to From Sunrise -01:00 (1 hour before sunrise)

              Weather Setup
              Noticed WeatherUnderground selected for current conditions and None for forecast, but a license was entered.
              Assuming you want to manage irrigation with weather both the Weather Source and Forecast Source need to be setup.
              The location given for Forecast is not a valid one. It needs to be one recognized by the Forecast source.
              NWS does not need license. UW and Accuweather need free license.
              Same for WeatherUnderground as Weather Source.
              I selected NWS just to have something, but did not do anyting for current conditions.
              Did Save
              Clicked the Evaluate Internet Download from Selected Stations and page showed the date, but no readings.
              This could be because forecast from NWS is not valid after 6 PM.

              Zone Status
              Clicked Activate For Season button

              General Status
              Clicked Front Drip ON button. Observed the sprinkler icon starts turning.
              Clicked General Status link and see R19 icon is red to indicate fail.
              Clicked Seriod IO link. See no serial ports open (dont have 11 & 12 on my computer)
              Clicked Run Log llink. See one line with Rain8 Fron Drip ON
              Clicked Other link. At bottom under Debug Data files, clicked Produce Debug Data Files.
              These will be needed to support until you become comfortable with operation.
              Did Save

              Zipped up file for you as a starting point to continue.
              Attached Files


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                thanks. will try this and see where it gets me. much appreciated.


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                  Success - both Masters operating on independent COM ports. Bench tested relays OK. Now to figure out all the other options you have to offer.
                  Thanks again for your help - and quick responses. Two thumbs up!


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                    Glad you have success. Sorry that there were issues initially.