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Open Weather Map and mcsTasmota

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  • Open Weather Map and mcsTasmota

    V2.18.1.1 has been put in the updater with the two significant additions of Open Weather Map as an option to select current and forecast conditions. This is in response to WeatherUnderground no longer providing free API keys. Open Weather Map does require an API key, but it is free. It also has a more liberal download constrains which should never be exceeded with mcsSprinklers operation.

    Sonoff units that contain relays (1, 2 & 4) as well as any microcontroller that can be loaded with Tasmota firmware can now be loaded with mcsTasmota to operate as an irrigation controller. When paired with mcsSprinklers it will follow the scheduling provided by mcsSprinklers to optimize water use and obey local watering restrictions. If a connection with mcsSprinklers is lost then it will enter a backup mode where the mcsTasmota will continue to provide irrigation on the programmed interval.