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Simultaneous Valve/Pump/Fertigation Control

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  • Simultaneous Valve/Pump/Fertigation Control

    EtherRain serial number 1500 and above contain Rev C firmware which is able to support multiple relays being ON within the same module. mcsSprinklers version is able to recognize the Rev C firmware and will utilize the additional capability provided to allow multiple zones to be run or allow a pump to be used while other zones are running within the same module.

    GoControl Irrigation module from HST is a Z-wave controller capable of controlling 15 relays. mcsSprinklers support for it was added in It is limited to only one of the 15 relays ON at the same time. If one needs simultaneous operations such as multiple zones or a pump then multiple modules will be needed. was submitted for inclusion in Updater. The updater package is also available at http://mcsSprinklers/com/