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Timeout Failure after upgrade.

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  • Timeout Failure after upgrade.

    I was using the paid Pro plugin without issue. Yesterday I noticed on the plugin screen that there was an update. It said was available. So I updated, and it said it installed without issue. However, now when the plugin initializes, it times out connecting to Homeseer (according to the developer window), but the odd thing is it shows it is connecting to the server at That is NOT my Homeseer box, in face it isn't even the right subnet (Homeseer is on 192.168.1.x, I am not using a 192.168.0.x subnet). That explains why the timeout is occurring. Not sure where it got from, nor do I know how to change that.

    Also, on the Plugins screen, it now shows me I am running version, but says an update to is available (an older version)? I have tried updating several times, and the same thing happens.

    Any suggestions?


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    I have the same issue


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      I must have left the hardcoded IP I used for testing. I will correct this and put it in updater as and as