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    Originally posted by Michael McSharry View Post
    The second is on Area page where you have radio for ET selected, but have two checks in the Day of Week column. I suspect your intent is to use Day of Week at this time so the radio should have this control option selected.
    So let me see if I understood right, if I select ET the program determines what day and time for it to water? If so is there a way of using ET and to tell the program when it's ready to water to use a specific day and time?
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      At the top of the Site page you will see the setup for irrigation restrictions. If you want to be only Thur and Sat then checkbox the other 5 days. If there are times you do not want to irrigate, such as from midnight to 6 AM, then enter 0 and 6 for the times. You can block out multiple times using a 24 hour clock such as 13:30 for 1:30 PM. While you can block out all except 20 minutes, I suggest not doing this because it limits your ability to change run time without also needing to change the restricted hours.