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IBM WeatherUnderground and mcsSprinklers

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  • IBM WeatherUnderground and mcsSprinklers

    I retained the WU Setup UI in mcsSprinklers for 2019. It looks like IBM has settled on a business model where users of data pay and contributors of data get a free pass. If there is anybody who wants to continue to use WU with mcsSprinklers I am willing to work with you to get the new API implemented. It means you will need a license from IBM. Personally, I am satisfied with the other sources provided at no cost so I will not pay the subscription fees desired by IBM for WU data.

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    I'll give it a go.
    My home is smarter than your honor roll student.


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      Thank You. The IBM site has sample data for San Francisco so I will use that for the development work. When I have it all implemented I will let you know so you can confirm its operation.


      • #4 has been updated to incorporate the API now documented at The updater file is at The minimum needed from the zip is mcsSprinklers_2009.dll. The HSPI...exe can also be extracted to get the version correct in HS. The .zip file contains the WU logo in \html\mcsSprinklers. It will appear on the General Status page when WU Forecast is selected and download has occurred.

        I have tested it using the SF sample date provided on the IBM site. In this case station information could not be altered and I just needed to simulate the SF download since I do not have an API key. If there are issues then the download URL and file are at \Data\mcsSprinklers. WU can be enabled for Weather and/or Forecast.

        my email to exchange test info is mcsSolutions at CenturyTel dot net.