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Forecast Rain percentuale issue

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    When I looked further I see I was looking at current conditions and not forecast where only one value was being picked up. I did find the parsing issue. I also found OWM difficult to evaluate rainfall in current conditions. They will provide the rainfall the last hour, last 3 hours or provide no data if no rainfall in the current reporting hour/3-hours. It really needs to run throughout the day so each delta measurement can be accumulated. I uploaded I also found a problem with APIXU on the evaluate button that was fixed as well.


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      The 0;0;0;0;0 is likely wrong. I submitted to the updater so it should soon be available for update via that mechanism.

      Originally forecast rainfall was provided as a percentage. This mapped nicely into an icon that is shown on the status page. Some providers now deliver forecast amount of rain. In mm this works, but with units of inches it does not and always shows as 0. To deal with it I scaled the inches amount up by 100. This needs to be done dynamically since some users have metric and some users select providers with amount and some with percentage.

      When setting forecast rainfall restrictions the scaling is not done so if the provider uses amount and imperial units are used then a forecast limit of 0.2 is entered for 0.2 inches.