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    Hello Michael,

    I had the HS2 instance with MCSSprinkler PRO shutdown my for the winter and after starting it up noticed that WU forecast is not working. I tried to upgrade to the version posted in the updater but I am getting this type of messages now and looks like nothing is working now. Can you please advise what am I missing as everything worked fine before I took the update. I've also tried to see if I install standalone version but I am not getting any webpage responses

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    HS2 and HS3 are different beasts and each has separate licensing. This is pretty much a HST decision of how licensing works. They no longer provide me licenses to distribute.

    You are correct about WU last year. IBM purchased WU and have eliminated the free access. For those who upload data to WU they make and exception and will provide a license. IBM did change the API so the old version with HS2, even if you have a new license, will not work with HS2 because of the IBM API change.

    I see three approaches. One is to continue with HS2 and select a different provider than WU. AWS has also been eliminated, but NOAA/NWS still works. I do not think Accuweather provides any current conditions. I forget if Open Weather Map was implemented for HS2. I doubt it. The second is to obtain a HS3 mcsSprinklers license for HST. It is now $49 and it should be part of their May sale. I know I submitted the paperwork for the sale, but never looked to know if it was included or not. The third is to run mcsSprinklers standalone and use xAP if you want to integrate with HS2. I can give you a standalone license. The standalone has same capability as Homeseer version.

    If you do go with HS3 version you will of course need HS3 as well. As far as weather providers with HS3 there is NWS, APIXU, OpenWeather Map, Accuweather, WU with Personal Weather Station and WU for commercial license. You can also get weather via XML feeds. Only the WU commercial has a subscription fee.


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      Thank for the detailed explanation. Somehow I was under impression that there were updates for the HS2 version not realizing that updater in fact was pulling the HS3 version. In any event HS2 is only running the sprinkler node so your suggestion of running it as standalone with out HS2 makes a lot of sense. Can you provide a standalone license I would like to give it a try and see how it works out for me. In worse case I can always buy the HS3 MCS_sprinkler version later. BTW is MQTT by any chance imbedded into a standalone version or xAP is the only option?

      Thanks in advance.


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        Send email to mcsSolutions at CenturyTel dot net and I will provide the license. Even without the license you can run the trial that is setup for three instances of 15 days each. Read the install instructions in the zip. It also does MQTT for remote and valve control. I forget if it provides status of each of its 100 or so devices, but if it does not then an easy update.