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Understanding Inhibits and projected schedule

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  • Understanding Inhibits and projected schedule

    This is a great software package! I almost have everything configured, and understand most of the workings from the documentation.

    I need a bit of help understanding the inhibits and how they function.

    My setup has areas 1 & 2 on an ET watering strategy at 60%, with a area specific restriction to not water on even days.

    Area 3 & 4 are on an interval for every 1 day. 2 programs are setup for each interval (areas 3&4): 06:00 and 21:50 for 15 mins each.

    I have a site restriction configured for no watering from 00:00 to 05:00 and 09:00 to 19:00 and wind over 20kph for 20 min - but no other restrictions.

    I expect that I should see the evening (21:50) watering in the prediction list after the 06:00 event has run, but I only see the next day events in the run list .

    Stat Zone Area Soil Projected
    R1 : Rain8 Front South Lawn A1: Front Lawn 51% -> 60% Tomorrow 5:01 AM for 30 mins
    R2 : Rain8 Front Mid Lawn A1: Front Lawn 52% -> 60% Tomorrow 5:31 AM for 30 mins
    R3 : Rain8 Front North Lawn A1: Front Lawn 52% -> 60% Tomorrow 6:01 AM for 30 mins
    R4 : Rain8 Back West Lawn A2: Back Lawn 52% -> 60% Tomorrow 6:31 AM for 40 mins
    R5 : Rain8 Back North Lawn A2: Back Lawn 52% -> 60% Tomorrow 7:11 AM for 40 mins
    R6 : Rain8 Back South Lawn A2: Back Lawn 52% -> 60% Tomorrow 7:51 AM for 40 mins
    R7 : Rain8 Front Garden Beds A3: Front Beds 100% Tomorrow 8:32 AM for 15 mins
    R8 : Rain8 Back Garden Beds A4: Back Garden Beds 100% Tomorrow 8:52 AM for 15 min

    I look at the active inhibits and MCSS is reporting 5 inhibits. How are these inhibits calculated and what do they mean?

    - Between Hours <- I understand this one. The time is currently in the window for no watering based on the site restrictions (after 09:00)
    - Area 1 time 900 mins <- I don't understand these time inhibits or how they are calculated, where configured, etc. what does "time" refer to?
    - Area 3 Start 22:10 <- I don't understand this inhibit or where it is configured.
    - Area 4 Start 22:10

    Any help is appreciated!


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    I can answer in general on some items.
    Area time inhibits are due to some delay. Often these are round robin wait periods between cycles. For the 900 minutes
    Area start inhibits are a start time restriction such as used in a program schedule. They will persist or advance until all programs for the day have been run.

    R7/R8 is not obvious to me. This would likely need the debug file that is negotiated from the bottom of the Other Page.

    If you post of email your mcsSprinklers.ini and perhaps the debug file then I can provide more specific information. mcsSolutions at CenturyTel dot net.

    Dinner time now.


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      I can see where the predicted times do not correctly consider the zones that run on multiple programs of a day. That is why your second program of the day was not considered and only the inhibit time. This has been corrected in

      I also noticed in your .ini file that the ET-based areas specified an explicit start time, but the radio above those times selected to run immediately when the ET threshold was reached. If you really want to start at a particular time of day after the ET threshold has been reached then change this radio.