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Rain forecast display issues

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  • Rain forecast display issues

    Hello Michael

    I've upgraded to the HS3 MCSSprinkler but there seems to be a bit of an issue. It appears that options for Canadian Weather are somewhat limited now so I opted to go with APIXU

    when I Evaluate Internet Download I get something rather strange. The rain POP shows Rain X100 and numbers as per the graphic snip1

    Also in the main page the high numbers are showing are red question marks. Please see graphic snip 2.

    Any idea why this is showing that way.


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    Scaling issue for metric. Corrected in
    OpenWeatherMap is also an international provider and a little more liberal on the daily download allowance using the free license.


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      Thank you as allays Michael!!! I've purchased the license for HS3.


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        Michael I've tried expanding the files /directories and copying them to the HS3 folder but the plugin will not start. It shows start pending status. Can you post the update in the HS3 updater. Not sure if I am installing it incorrectly. I've reverted to the previous version at the moment.

        Best Regards


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          I will submit to the updater, but all you need to do after installing the latest from the updater is to copy to the HS folder mcsSprinklers_2009.dll from the zip. If you also want the version number to shown in HS too then also copy HSPI_MCSSPRINKLERSP.exe


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            This is what I get when I copy the two files and restart the HS3.
            Click image for larger version

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              If there are startup issues then the information in \html\mcsSprinklers\data\startupTrace.txt should provide insight. Can you post this file?

              The most common problem for 2019 users that has prior year installs is with mySQLdata.dll. This file version was changed and it should only exists in the \bin\mcsSprinklers folder. If one exists in the HS root folder then it should be removed. The .dll file is in the zip download with all the other files.


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                I looked again and see that I compiled with a fixed IP that I use for testing. The HSPI file was updated in the zip download referenced above. This should explain the screenshot you provided. My comments about mySQL in prior post still apply.