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Unable to save configuration load to schedule

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  • Unable to save configuration load to schedule

    I have not used this function before. I have created several configuration files and want the program to load them on certain dates. I clicked on the calendar icon on the "other setup" page and select the desired configuration file from the drop down list. The banner still says "No configuration load yet scheduled" and nothing appears to be saved. I looked in Messages and an error message "Attempt to scheduled configuration load for day which is not valid" appears.
    Any ideas?

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    I will need to look into it. It has been may years since this was visited.


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      The Config Date page was not registered with HS3. Fixed in

      The schedule icon will bring up the current year's calendar. Clicking on a date will bring up another page that allows editing of that date's config file, or remove it from that date. The schedule page will remain up to allow other dates to be edited. If you use the manual rather than scheduled date to load an alternate config file then a page will show up indicating to wait for initialization. This page will not refresh when the init is complete, so just refresh it manually after a reasonable time.


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        I am running the Pro version in stand alone mode. I replaced the mcssprinklers_2009.dll on my PC with the one in the above zip file. No change in behavior, still get the same error in messages. Do I need to replace any other file from the zip file?


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          For the standalone get the dll from Normally the same file in both, but I did not want to uprev for the same issue.


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            Awesome! No errors and the calendar reflects the desired changes. Now the proof will be when the next configuration change is scheduled. I'll let you know how it went. Thanks again for the quick fix.