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HS3 Rain Device Inhibit connection

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  • HS3 Rain Device Inhibit connection

    Love the system - working flawlessly with 2 Rain8 modules. Now trying to stop irrigation when rain sensor is triggered. I have a rain sensor relay (HS3 Device) that trips ON when wet and when it dries it moves to OFF. I see the inhibit capability for HS in the Zones Setup menu "Don't with External Inhibit" function and can enter the Device Value but it doesn't seem to change. Do I need to set mcsSprinkler to poll HS3 somehow to see status changes? Or am I entering in the device value incorrectly? I see REF and ADDRESS labels as unique identifiers in HS and I've tried both. I can provide more details if this is not a simple question with a simple answer. thanks in advance.

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    Originally it was DeviceCode, but now it is either DeviceCode or DeviceReference. mcsSprinklers looks at the CAPI label returned by the device looking for case-insensitive OFF or ON. I did an evaluation for the Site External inhibit to confirm it was working. I did not do it for the Area ones, but should be the same.

    The CAPI label comes from the VSP definition for the device that can be edited on Device Management.


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      That works great. Thanks.