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    I am having issues with the software not running my programs. MCSprinkler has not run in over a week. I have entered times in my program Setup and saved but when i review Run List the times are different. I have dripp irrigation for my gardens and potted plants that I want to run every morning but they never run. Also, I am using the ET option for the lawns but the soil mositure is at -100 and doesn't seem to be going down. We have had rain and I don't if the negetive value is because of that, but it wasn't like this until a week or so ago.

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    Post or email to mcsSolutions at CenturyTel dot net your \Config\mcsSprinklers.ini file. It would also help if you enable the general debug from Other page and let if run for a couple minutes. This file will be a mcsSprinklers_GeneralDebug....txt file in \html\mcsSprinklers\data

    For self-diagnosis you can also look at the General Status page and look at the inhibits that are active. These will also show up on the Touch screens.


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      i had clicked Pause Program not realizing what it did. thanks for the quick response.

      One question about ET cal does it take into consideration rain fall?



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        The ET calc itself does not consider rainfall, but the moisture calculation is the net of moisture gain through rain and loss through evaptranspiration.