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APIXU is being discontinued

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  • APIXU is being discontinued

    I received email from APIXU that as of Oct 14, 2019 their service is being discontinued. They are making available WeatherStack for which API key is free for current conditions with call rate of about 1 per hour which is currently insufficient with current mcsSprinklers download rates for current weather data, especially when when inhibits are setup. For sufficient capacity and forecast the monthly charge is $79.

    When searching for information they appear to be affiliated with World Weather Online, but the WWO API link returns a 404/Not Found when clicked.

    My plan is to switch over to WeatherStack and remove APIXU and limit its download rates to once per hour for current conditions as well as remove it as a Forecast option.

    I believe APIXU is a service used by HST with HS3, but I am not certain if this is correct or where they are using it.

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    I received the same email. Here is the HS connection:


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      mcsSprinklers has been updated to use WeatherStack and removed APIXU. It is at I will also be submitting to the HS Updater in the near future. APIXU will continue to work for about another month with prior versions of mcsSprinklers. WeatherStack is online now.