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Stand alone vs plug in?

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    Stand alone vs plug in?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I remember reading in a threat that running mcsSprinkler as stand alone, with a weaker coupling to HS through xAP, makes the system more stable than running it as a HS plug in.

    I currently run mcsSprinkler as a HS plug in. Besides using HS rain sensor, rain gauge etc, the only thing I need HS for the sprinkler is once a year I run an event to blow out sprinkler before winter (turn on one zone for a 1 min, wait for 5 min to let compressor regard, then more on to next zone etc). Would it be easy to do the same thing in HS if I run stand alone version instead of a plug in?

    I run mcsSprinklers as a stand alone on a separate computer and use xAP to couple to HS. It works well and has been quite reliable. I like the combination because it decouples the sprinkler control from HS, allowing it to run autonomously.

    What I don't like is that setting up mcsXap involves a learning curve. It's not difficult, but it can be a pain because it's not entirely intuitive for me. Unfortunately, whenever you move either HS or mcsSprinkers to a different box, you have to reconstruct the xAP link, which for me, involves relearning the details of setting up the interface. Not difficult, but it requires time and attention.
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      As Uncle Michael indicated mcsSprinklers does support an automation interface. It has three forms. The original is xAP protocol and scripting. Last year MQTT was also added as a protocol. Whatever you do with the pluign you should also be able to do with the standalone.