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mcsSprinklers weather pulls in wrong time zone

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  • mcsSprinklers weather pulls in wrong time zone

    I am using Open Weather Map for weather data. It appears regardless what location coordinates are set, OWM always pulls in GMT as time. In example below, coordinate is in EST but OWM shows GMT. Not sure if this is simply a display issue or it will cause mcsSprinklers to interpret weather data incorrectly.

    Click image for larger version

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    This page is just a test of the data that is being downloaded. Current conditions are always current time so the timezone does not matter. Likewise for Accuweather the date does not matter as mcsSprinklers does everything relative to current date. So a five day forecast will be the first five days that Accuweather provides. The only time issues occur is when the provider elects to switch days. Some are at midnight, some in the evening such as 6 PM or sunset.


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      Got it. Thank you Michael.

      Another (unrelated) question:

      What is the difference between “temperature” and “current” (I assume this means current temperature) on the weather data page?

      How does the plugin pick which data source to use between accuweather and OWM? Does it switch over if one of the web data isn’t available?


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        You make the selection on the Weather Setup page for which sensor comes from which source. You can mix and match. Forecast data only comes from Forecast sites. Current Conditions most come from Weather sites, but there a couple exceptions. The radio button selection presents all options based upon the providers you have selected.

        The original mcsSprinklers design is based upon local sensors and then using internet providers in a reversion mode. It also had reversion among WeatherUnderground and AWS providers. The landscape has changed with WU and AWS no longer providing free services and the confusion that existed with users due to reversion brought us to where we are now. What mcsSprinklers does is provide notification if the internet feed looks to have stopped making updates.