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    Specifically, do you know how much rain it takes to go from 100% to 200% .5", 1"?
    Observation, I went out to get lunch, and the Sun is out, and the ET is above my set threshold, so the Syringe Cycle is running. When I get back, a Thunder Storm is rolling in, and it's dark and about to rain, but the Syringe Cycle is still running in the back yard. Now it's raining, and the Syringe Cycle is still running. I have 'allow started zone to finish runtime when inhibit becomes active', but it's advanced a couple of zones since I got home. Maybe it's allowing the started 'Area' to finish instead of Zone?
    Maybe the Syringe Cycle should go off if the ET falls below the activation threshold, or another threshold a little lower? I imagine there would need to be programming to remember where the Syringe Cycle left off in order for it to resume, maybe just a pause which turns the system off if the ET doesn't rise over a certain amount of time or something. I have honor site inhibits for mist areas checked. I think the Syringe Cycle should run on a day that is over the ET, and ignore that there is an Inhibit for possible rain tomorrow, so Maybe the Syringe Cycle needs only to adhere to an ET inhibit.


      One inch per 100% delta.
      ET is calculated hourly. Rainfall does not affect ET. Rainfall affects soil moisture.
      Syringing is a manual cycle that can only be inhibited by user pause and seasonal shutdown. Once the syringing trigger is reached the cycle will complete.


        The ET x100, and Solar Index crashed to nothing when it started raining. Can the rain inhibit be programmed to trigger the user pause? What started me on this journey of building the smartest irrigation system I could find, was because I hated seeing it run in the rain like everyone else's. Also, I don't think the incremental rain portion is working, the daily rain shows .6, but when I was feeding the incremental device to the system, it showed zero. I switched back to Daily total, no big deal.


          mcsSprinklers has exposed most of its control points. The Pause control is the UserInhibit which is S26. I have not tried to control via event, but should work. Syringing is done by enabling the zones for manual control and the duration of the setup syringing duration. To prevent a zone from completing a syringing cycle the manual enable checkboxes would need to be cleared such as is done with the stop manual button on the Zone Status page. I think S91 could be used for this, but I would need to review the code to confirm.

          Another consideration you have for your logic is the rate and time when sensor status is obtained. If you are downloading rain sensor on 30 minute intervals then decisions that are being made is based upon data that could be 30 minutes old.

          Incremental rain vs other options is based upon the way the input from the provider is given. Some give amount of rain in each hour. Some give the amount of rain accumulated during the day. Some is total accumulation since sensor was installed. Changing the setting in mcsSprinklers will not affect the way the provider is reporting. It only changes how mcsSprinklers should interpret it. It appears you have a source that can provide multiple sets of data. I can look at the debug when the incremental is setup if you desire.