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    Three ways to install update. The third is the easiest.

    1. Update facility in mcsSprinklers. From mcsSprinklers Other page, toward the top is a Configuration Management section that shows available version and button to install it. On standalone version mcsSprinklers restarts when update is done. HS does not provide a plugin restart capability so it needs to be restarted manually.

    2. Use the Updater Override. Place the downloaded zip file into the \Updates3\Zips folder. Extract updater_override.txt from it and put in the HS folder. Now go to the menu Pluginsā€>Manage and click on the Refresh button so it finds your updater_override.txt file and it should list your package. Select it. When done remove updater_override.txt to restore normal Updater operation.

    3. Manual Extract. Extract MCSSPRINKLERS_2009.dll and either (HSPI_MCSSPRINKLERSP.exe or HSPI_MCSSPRINKLERSS.exe), depending if you have Pro or Std version, into HS folder.

    mcsSprinklers contains its settings in \Config folder under HS. There will be files with names starting with mcsSprinklers. It contains any picture images in \HTML\mcsSprinklers\Pictures. It contains its history information in \Data\mcsSprinklers unless you are using SQLServer or MySQL for the database. Everything else is part of the install zip file.

    The "water off for the remainder of the day" does not have a control button on mcsSprinklers. You create this button in HS as a virtual device and then the reference number for the device is entered as the External Inhiibt using HS on the mcsSprinklers Site page. Version changed the way the S86 mcsSprinklers External Inhibit was being read.