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"Area Start Times & Duration Factors" settings inhibiting ET controlled areas

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    "Area Start Times & Duration Factors" settings inhibiting ET controlled areas

    Michael I discovered something that I'm not sure is a bug or just not clear in the manual.

    All of my areas are using ET control strategy. I kept having areas that were well below the moisture level, but still not watering. The General Status page "Inhibit Area Specific" devices all showed "Area x Time y mins" where y = the number of minutes until midnight. So even though there were no time or other inhibits for the Site or Area, the zones were not running.

    I finally discovered it is caused by the "Start Times and Duration Factors" setting. If set to "Start when time reached after threshold reached" (and the time field blank), they were inhibited by time. When I changed the setting to "Start immediately when threshold reached" everything worked as expected.

    Section 10.5.13 of the manual says that this setting only applies to Timed Control Strategies, but it is asserting itself on ET strategy as well.

    In 2008 the ability was added to delay ET-based irrigation based upon a specific start time. Looks like the document was not fully updated for this feature. What I did with is to protect for the case where delayed start was selected, but no specific time was entered. In this case it will start immediately. I also notices that the time reference parameters were not be properly saved so update was not really possible. This was fixed too.

    The update is at


      I had tried to set a time, but it was not saved. I wrongly assumed that just meant it was not a valid parameter for ET mode, so I didn't think it mattered which of the radio button options I had selected.

      I can see cases where that feature would be useful in ET mode. Your solution is a good one, it will prevent the problem I ran into, while keeping the feature available. I'm sure you will update the manual (you probably already have!).

      Michael, Now that everything is working well for me, I have to tell you I am absolutely thrilled with your software. The features and flexibility are amazing. But even more impressive is your response to user queries and issues. You have been so quick to respond, so personal, and always provide a solution in an amazingly short time. Kudos to You Michael!!!!!


        I'm glad it is working out for you. Sorry for the iterations with the weather data updates. For OWM I made a guess about the new day transition on rainfall and did not quite get it right so updated the same download with correction. If you are not using OWM then no need to download again. I expect to put these updates, including documentation update, into the Updater later this week. This will give anybody else interested in the recent changes a chance to confirm proper operation.