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pump is retriggert every minute

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    pump is retriggert every minute

    Although the pump safety settings isn't enabled the pump control is retriggert every minute. In case of on and off.

    it is with version but also with an earlier version.
    Click image for larger version

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    This implies that the status for the pump on/off does not match the desired state and mcsSprinklers tries to get the reported state the expected state in sync. I do not recall now much is in the debug log related to this, but it would be good to see the log for a period of time when the activity is occurring.

    I tried to replicate the issue without success. I tried with normal scheduling, and I tried with manual scheduling. In both cases the pump (Etherrain8 valve 8 for my environment) was only commanded once at each transition.

    Posting the mcsSpriklers debug, PM with attachment, or email to mcsSolutions at CenturyTel dot net are all good options.


      send it via email


        One example in the debug is shown below where HS is returning a status of FAIL (17) for R8 as a pump and the Etherrain is reporting all valves off (00) for this unit. mcsSprinklers then tells HS that the R8 status is 3 (OFF). One minute later HS returns FAIL again so the cycle repeats.

        04-Jun-22 12:01:01 AM 637898976614533674 | mcsSprinklers Debug | UpdateModuleStatus: Device=R8, ValveExists=False, PumpExists=True, HSStatus=17, ModuleStatus=00
        04-Jun-22 12:01:01 AM 637898976614533674 | mcsSprinklers Debug | SetDeviceStatus(R8) iStatus=3, iHSStatus=3
        The second line in the above debug is getting its status from CAPItoInternalStatus function within mcsSprinklers. I had commented-out the debug from this function. I added it back in to get visibility into the logic being returned. The easiest approach to debug for me is see what is being provided by this function. The atachment replaces mcsSprinklers_2009.dll. The debug file will then contain additional information. Provide the debug so we can take the next step.

        It seems odd to me that my results with an EtherRan 8 are different than yours with an EtherRain 7P even though the Rev C firmware should make these units operate the same for the mode in which they are being used.

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          Via support a got a new version and this solved the issue