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    Inhibited by Low ET

    I'm not sure my inhibit by Low ET is functioning correctly. The system is inhibited right now, as I have it set up for Hourly ETx100 over 2.5. I think i'm just questioning if the Hourly ET is being calculated correctly with the supplied data? I'm not sure how it's calculated, but I'd think it would be over 3 or so with how hot it is out there. Thoughts?

    Last Hour Solar Index: 41.58
    Daily ET: 0.04 (calc)
    ET Sensor: 0 {I don't have an ET Sensor)
    Historical Daily ET: 0.07
    Hourly ETx100: 2
    Last Hour Solar Index: 44.18 (calc)
    Solar Radiation Sensor: 868 W/m^2
    Solar Sensor (from UV): 150
    Temp: 104
    UV Sensor: 9.02
    Weatherflow Solar Radiation: 861 W/m^2
    Weatherflow UV Index: 9

    The ET inhibit is for daily ET accumulation. This is a threshold that will not be reached until later in the day, so it effectively inhibits morning irrigation. I doubt if you even want to use this inhibit.

    The hourly ET is the amount calculated each hour. An hourly ETx100 of 2 is reasonable with an UV of 9.02. At 9 AM an ET accumulation of 0.04 is reasonable.

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    The ET calculation, for your setup, depends upon UV, Temperature, and Wind with UV being the most significant contributor. Alternately, you could also select Radiation rather than UV as the source on the Weather Setup page. It just depends upon which sensor you believe provides a more reliable source.

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