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Cannot cancel off temperature inhibit

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    Cannot cancel off temperature inhibit

    Morning Michael,

    Hopefully a quick question for you. I am using the mcssprinklers Pro v. 2.22.07. Over the last week, my sprinklers have been inhibited by a reported low temp. I have disabled the low temp inhibit in both the site and area setups, but the inhibit remains in the device tab....and of course, the sprinklers will not start. Any ideas what I might do to eliminate this inhibit? Perhaps there is a file setting I can modify?

    As a side, I tried to update to the 2.22.11 version in the plug-in management page. It allows the process to install, but the end result is it still reads as v. 2.22.07. I'm guessing the install did not happen. Are these two problems related?

    Thanks for your help! I have been using your plug-in for many years and it has always proven reliable.

    When I install from the HS Updater, the version that is shown in HS is mcsSprinklers_2009.dll shows as which seems to be an older version. The latest dll is

    I do not experience the temperature inhibit problem. View device S21 on the General Status page for the status of the site temperature inhibit.

    When site temperature inhibit is blank then it does not matter what the weather setup temperature source is. Otherwise the temperature being displayed in S69 is what is being compared. Make certain this is a valid current temperature being provided.