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mcsSprinklers Updates and Revision Log

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    Min Days and Max Days between watering

    The Min Days between watering has been moved from the Restriction page to the Area page to support area-dependent logic for this feature. The old setting in the Restriction page is no longer being used as of V2.6.278.

    The Max Days between watering has been enabled and placed on the Area page. This setting does not override the restrictions, but will assure that some minimum level of time-based irrigation will occur. It is primarily intended for the two non-timed control strategy. When a cycle is forced the status device will show this. The projection will also account for this condition.
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      Communication Test Feature

      A Communication test capability has been added for the Rain8Net and Rain8UPB that will continuously request status of each valve and show the running success/fail counts. It is activated from the Rain8/Devices setup page on V2.6.287.

      It provides a way to evaluate an install in a more deliberate and faster manner.
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        Annual Trends Chart

        Annual trend charts have been added for all calendar view valves and status. The chart will show weekly readings for the item being viewed to provide a big-picture view of the information that is presented on the calendar in the daily view and in the detail in an hourly view. Update contained in V2.6.289

        The last few builds have an "Address Family" error reported that causes mcsSprinklers to abort. Nothing shows up in a source code compare that indicates why it just started happening. The error number is related to Winsock use so I have placed a write to the file "...\Data\mcsSprinklers\mcsSprinklers_Winsock.txt" each time data is sent via a socket to help isolate the cause of the message. If anybody runs with V2.6.289 and gets this error then please post the debug output of this file.
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          Small style bug
          cannot change stylesheet. i change any from other setup page, only see the "stylenobody.css" in action


            snowfall my garden... mcssprinkler seasonal shutdown. set on next april...


              If anyone is interested in SQL Server as the mcsSprinklers database, then the current versions should support this. This is a tiered capability implementation with an interview setup process available. To configure to your familiar look and feel go to the Other page and select Expert Mode and Professional Version.


                Little error in touch page:
                2007-02-02 09:58:47 - Error - Web Server Error 404, cannot serve file: C:\Program Files\HomeSeer 2\html/mcsSprinklers/buttons/handle_horr.gif;
                2007-02-02 10:01:50 - Error - Web Server Error 404, cannot serve file: C:\Program Files\HomeSeer 2\html/mcsSprinklers/buttons/slider.png;

                And the IE err message:
                Error:'document.getElementById(...)' is null or not an object


                  Is this touchpage error consistent or infrequent? What is the version for mcsSprinklers that you are running. It is being updated often, albeit this specific area has not been touched in quite awhile.

                  The graphical UI puts a strain on the HS server. This is especially true if using the IE7 browser. Another thing I learned about IE is that it does not cache images well. The same graphic for the 3 sliders is downloaded by IE 3 times. While I have not tried other browser, the literature I read indicates that the intent of preloading images is so they will be in the cache.

                  Did you look at SQL for the database?


                    - I never can see touchpad interface my pc
                    - McsSprinklers.ocx rev
                    - My browsers (ie 6.0 SP2, Maxthon 1.5.9), looking and deleting ie7

                    -Dont use SQL Server now, mdb using for low memory, and resource...

                    This breaking html source
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                      I see the hs log message errors which are due to the trailing semicolon on the file name. I fixed that. I looked at your HTML file and it contained only the javascript elements. Where there any other errors in the hs log that would indicate why the body of the html was not being delivered to the browser? I suspect the easiest way to proceed is with your mcsSprinklers.ini file.


                        Rel 2.7.211
                        Cannot switch download internet data from inet to api
                        Dont write forecast data from ~tempweatherxml to Sensor table


                          I see the INET selection problem.

                          The data downloaded from occurs every 30 to 60 minutes. The last record in the database is updated when the contents are different than an internally cached value. Once an hour the last record of the database is replicated and most current values are accumulated in the last record until th e next hour.

                          I confirmed proper operation of WeatherXML download here. Are the contents of the status devices on the General Status page updating for you with the source showing as


                            The mcssprinklers.ini
                            strcodearea, strlicense, strpartnerid filled, the ~TempWeatherXML.txt file OK, but Sensors table only SampleDate field filled


                              But... Can i use mcstemperature forecast data?
                              Only little problem is Min and Max temp data
                              The Mcstemp is 10 devicecode, McsSprinkler is 2 device


                                I added a key to the mcsTemperature Forecast.ini in the WeatherXML group called WeatherXMLFilePath. This will allow you to override the default weathercom.xml file. If you put it in you Forecast.ini then you should be able to put the path to the one mcsSprinklers downloads and when mcsTemperature reads it it will parse the forecast into 10 devices.

                                Version 5.5.2 has the code change to use this key.

                                strXMLFile = hs.GetIniSetting("WeatherXML", "WeatherXMLFilePath", hs.GetAppPath & "\data\weathercom_xml\weathercom.xml", ForecastIniFile)