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mcsSprinklers Updates and Revision Log

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    mcsSprinklers Updates and Revision Log

    ID Release Description
    -- ------- --------------

    HS2 - .NET 3.5
    PR682 Introduce Service Version 2.10
    PR683 Misc cleanup of V2.10
    PR684 Communication Test Changed to 1 valve per module per cycle
    PR685 CSV file input results in access violation in writing program
    PR686 CSV file input from last line reads beyond file
    PR687 IP-Connected Rain8Net has improper communications
    PR688 Rapid page requests can lock up HTTP server
    PR689 Updates for operation as Homeseer plugin
    PR690 Annual charts show only integer values and clutterred
    PR691 Static data could cause conflict with multiple browser access
    PR692 Modify area-dependent color scheme
    PR693 Soil moisture not properly restored from database after Save
    PR694 ----------- Devices entered as existing HS devices dont show on General Status until Save
    PR695 Ignore downloads with incomplete data from Weather Underground and AWS
    PR696 Last state information not retained in mcsSprinklers database such as Disable status
    PR697 Min days inhibit not considered corrected for round robin scheduling
    PR698 --------- Touch page has zone offset by 1 for Run-Stop/Current Status indications
    PR699 Weather setup .csv file retains only file name and not folder path
    PR700 Communication Test Page is blank
    PR701 Received serial data buffer resulting in timeouts/failed zones
    PR702 Repeated external UPB traffic results in timeouts/failed zones
    PR703 Touch Inhibit list shows as red x
    PR704 Added diagnostics for UPB communications
    PR705 Yearly rainfall setting not accepted
    PR707 Yearly setting for rain sensor source does not init properly
    PR709 Round Robin does not complete when min days inhibit used
    PR710 Pause/Inhibits in middle of cycle affecct run times
    PR711 Area page soil moisture graphic not properly scaled
    PR712 Touch Page Stop Zone does not work after Start Zone
    PR713 X10 CM11A and UPB Status Response/Error recovery issues
    PR714 Add option to allow moisture control up to 200%
    PR715 Restarts after inhibit clears are not happening
    PR717 Recode Error Blocks/Funtion Return/Overloaded Names for Mono
    PR718 Optimized Zone vs. Site and Area water use updates
    PR719 Water Table updates overwrite historical values
    PR720 Poll Rain 8 Net for status every minute
    PR721 Add thread safe operations for IO
    PR723 Init abort on HS startup
    PR724 Round robin not scheduled correctly with partial RR zone to be run
    PR725 ET from csv file not recognized
    PR726 Zones in area sync'd on moisture when not requested
    PR727 Last change time updated on manual when not requested
    PR728 Browser links do not support https protocol (cannot be port 443)
    PR729 Soil moisture does not update on manual cycles
    PR730 Layout Page will not save more than one pump
    PR731 Restart any zone when runtime not completed
    PR732 Manage pump starts zone when not required
    PR733 Interview stuck at first step
    PR734 Add scheduling based upon water flow capacity
    PR735 SampleDate typo in Calendar page
    PR736 Round min day inhibit to nearest day rather than nearest second
    PR737 Seasonal Shutdown button not functional
    PR738 Water flow calculation eventually overflows
    PR739 Sync to first run zone rather than first zone of area
    PR740 Obtain last hour ET from last full hour data collected
    PR741 Water Meter from HS devices deletes other HS Sensors (Built on
    PR742 Recode of socket for HTTP/TCP/UDP
    PR743 Remove TCP debug, hourly safety, command repeat options
    PR744 Dont update LastChangeTime on a valve status change to FAIL
    PR745 Make writes to the debug log thread safe2l.1
    PR746 Interview cannot complete
    PR747 Debug Log always 0 filesize
    PR748 Rain8Net serial timouts results in valve failures
    PR749 Zones never turn off once started
    PR750 Remove immediate status request for Rain8Net
    PR751 WAN access does not honor need for login
    PR752 WAN access mcsSprinklers links point locally
    PR753 Add provisions for IPV6 connections
    PR754 Enforce maximum comm rates to Rain8Net
    PR757 Include water meter scaling in meter reading on Status Page
    PR758 Modify Flow text on Zone Setup Page
    PR759 Provide options for Rain8Net status handling
    PR760 Enable Rain8Net timing parameters for STD and BAS
    PR762 Release to Updater
    PR763 Touch Area has message about format of date
    PR764 Error reporting issues out of RegisterCallback during startup
    PR765 InitSensor Line 3950 error message for discrete sensor input
    PR766 Protect Zone Status sort on duplicate device code error
    PR767 Stop an automode zone when externally commanded to stop
    PR768 Explicity check for presence of Rain8Net IP socket when opening port
    PR769 First zone runs excessively from Touch Page
    PR770 V2.11 Initial Release

    PR771 ( Weather sensor data only saved to database once per hour
    PR772 ( Status request not observed for more than 1 Rain8Net module
    PR773 ( Controlling wrong Rain8 module upon status mismatch
    PR774 ( Should not sync moisture in middle of round robin cycle during delay
    PR775 ( Round Robin / Interzone Delay one minute more than specified
    PR776 ( Restart does not status properly in middle of round robin
    PR777 ( Zone Status does not set site moisture to 0/100%
    PR778 ( Other Page settings sometimes cleared on save
    PR779 ( Solar vs. UV for ET calc swapped
    PR780 ( Email attachments not sent with Homeseer
    PR781 ( Hourly moisture sync should only be done when area zones of same watered status
    PR782 ( Area sync of soil mositure broken with
    PR783 ( Fertigation meter defaults to minutes active

    PR784 ( Add self-monitoring restart option
    PR785 ( X10-2 devices did not have status request sent
    PR786 ( Change email from address to be same a to address
    PR787 ( Added cycle device option on no IP connect for Rain8Net
    PR788 ( Zones initialize to watered today on restart
    PR789 ( Registration with blank Volume ID will not pass later restarts
    PR790 ( Improve robustness of Rain8Net communication failures
    PR791 ( EPA Changes UV reporting format
    PR792 ( Added Standalone restart at midnight option
    PR793 ( Provide feedback for invalid hh:mm time setup
    PR794 ( Area graphic not scaled properly for thresholds over 0.5
    PR795 ( IP Connection retry until connection established
    PR796 ( HS Device codes are case sensitive
    PR797 ( Inhibit days without any times will inhibit area
    PR798 ( Debug files cannot be uploaded with right click on HS
    PR799 ( Picture Icons dont bring up some picture images
    PR800 ( Debug added for zone last change and pictures
    PR801 ( CSV data does not read from end of file
    PR802 ( UV to radiation computes low radiation values
    PR803 ( UV to radiation computes low radiation values(2)
    PR804 ( Ensure null passwords are blank
    PR805 ( Site soil moisture not set to user entered value

    PR806 ( Prediction of next time is not correct without restricted time
    PR807 ( Move 1-week mositure graphic to Zone Status and optimize
    PR808 ( Erratic zone control with erroneous status feedback
    PR809 ( Mid cycle inhibits cause scheduling issues
    PR810 ( Restore list of zones to Area page
    PR811 ( Zones cycle continuously on/off after
    PR812 ( Between hours does not inhibit for 0 hour
    PR813 ( Zone/Area Pictures do not popup for HS installs
    PR814 ( Assure all picture have no spaces in filename

    PR815 ( Computed water use for site is excessive
    PR816 ( Soil moisture prediction rates 25x too fast for metric ET
    PR817 ( Add Site Misc option to allow zone to complete when inhibit becomes active
    PR818 ( Add EtherRain polling and identification options
    PR819 ( Prevent scheduling when saving setup changes
    PR820 ( Format projected times per regional settings
    PR821 ( Format projected times per regional settings
    PR822 ( Use metric reporting from WU when using metric display
    PR823 ( Correct scheduling issues associated with remote manual control
    PR824 ( Only 1st line of Touch run list shows on linux
    PR825 ( Dont display option for multizone scheduling with EtherRain
    PR826 ( Make default Debug drive under HTML folder
    PR827 ( Each restart resets watered today flag
    PR828 ( Put error trap in top level tray application
    PR829 ( Show > 1 week when no prediction within week
    PR830 ( WAN authentication can restart mcsSprinklers
    PR831 ( Various Linux compatibility updates
    PR832 ( Allow auto limits on size of debug folder files and show in MegBytes
    PR833 ( Fix remote ini upload
    PR835 ( Start time repeated on run list from touch page
    PR836 ( DrawZoneMoistureGraph Message for Basic version
    PR837 ( Max debug folder size cannot be changed
    PR838 ( Replace with WeatherUnderground
    PR839 ( Close/open COM port on Rain8Net Timeout
    PR840 ( Add AccuWeather for forecast option

    PR841 ( Add IPhone/Android access App
    PR842 ( Add rainfall penetration zone factor
    PR843 ( Distinguish WU Weather from WU Forecast
    PR844 ( Correct Davis WeatherLink csv incremental ET for non-USA

    PR845 ( Under 60 second scheduled zones do not show in Run List
    PR846 ( WeatherUnderground Forecast always in Farenheit
    PR847 ( Round CSV input on ET and Rain to two digits
    PR848 ( Moisture graphic does not show historical pattern
    PR849 ( EPA UV Download based upon UV sensor selection
    PR850 ( ET Rates too high due to WU Radiation sensor used for Solar
    PR851 ( Next cycle prediction not correct for end of day restriction
    PR852 ( ET Sensor as hourly device code input is not processed
    PR853 ( Line 11770 subscript error
    PR854 ( Update sensor table SQL syntax error
    PR855 0/1 vs. ON/OFF HS control option not visible
    PR856 WU Observation date not displayed on Weather download
    PR857 Provide abilty to do csv via http or ftp
    PR858 Improve efficiency of database initialization queries
    PR859 Add excess water notification based upon trend

    PR860 Prevent Rain8Net command queue redundant commands
    PR861 Dont provide pre-start notification on manual ON/OFF
    PR862 Always show Area restrictions setup for PRO version
    PR863 EtherRain Comm Test does not work for Static IP
    PR864 tblSprinklers remains empty with qryMaxID error
    PR865 Forecast Rain restriction for Accuweather scaled by 100
    PR866 Homeseer does not auto restart on beta updates

    PR867 Provide 2 digits precision for ET & Rain sensor on Touch page
    PR868 Add zone level moisture sensors
    PR869 cycles limit immediately reached
    PR870 for soil moisture not updated when using zone moisture sensors
    PR871 UV from WeatherUnderground not accepted

    PR872 Line 0 error
    PR873 Line 60 / InitIO Line 181 error
    PR874 minutes remaining not same as zone minutes sum
    PR875 SolarRadiation from xAP Weather.Report
    PR876 PK or PN as Rain8UPB response
    PR877 Serial IO Feecback for Crestron
    PR878 CM11A X10 socket object not present error
    PR879 UID are duplicated with different modules types
    PR880 updated on external control when direct valve control inhibited
    PR881 control accepted, but command not sent to Rain8
    PR882 added for schedule timing loop
    PR883 Debug added
    PR884 nested synclock to address schedule hang
    PR885 Accuweather current conditions download does not recognize UV
    PR886 Accuweather rain forecast over 1 inch does not inhibit correctly
    PR887 Area Page start times not shown correctly
    PR888 Initialization does not honor watered-today status
    PR889 Value not turned OFF when Rain8 does not acknowledge ON command
    PR890 International user SaveState comma vs. decimal
    PR891 Periodic message when moisture by zone selected
    PR892 Skew in xAP Zone moisture sensor vs. General Status
    PR893 Incorrect type suffixes on xAP Reporting Page
    PR894 Set ActiveCycles Line 160 message
    PR895 Zone Setup does not honor comma as decimal for non-USA
    PR896 Zone moisture sensors don't show on calendar
    PR897 Zone Status moisture graph does not change for zone moisture sensors
    PR898 Area moisture sensor not functional
    PR899 Zone moisture sensors reset to zero at startup
    PR900 Assure consistent use of mm for metric rainfall
    PR901 Comma vs. Period incorrectly identified for decimal
    PR902 Syring ETx100 conditon always triggers
    PR903 ET calculation 10% of expected since
    PR904 Fractional soil moisture % give database error
    PR905 Area moisture control with interzone delay only runs first zone (repeatedly)
    PR906 ( Improve scheduling on valve failures and pre run notification used

    PR907 Normalize code based for HS2 & HS3
    PR908 Water use notification with 0 use and 0 threshold
    PR909 Add 40 second pause after valve failure to allow independent recovery time
    PR909 AddHSDevice and GetHouseCode startup error messages
    PR915 ( Status house code recreated on each startup
    PR918 Zip code does not change from ???? on Weather setup
    PR919 Allow text prefix in DeviceString numbers
    PR920 Use EPA hourly feed rather than daily with estimate
    PR921 SQL Server user name parameter is user id, not userid
    PR922 ( Unassigned zones do not immediate reflect status when externally controller
    PR923 ( remaining minutes = 0 for running zones
    PR924 ( ET calc in mm rather than cm for metric
    PR925 ( GetHouseCode error & duplicate devices created
    PR927 ( setting of lowest moisture device
    PR928 ( Water user overage reported with 0 water use
    PR932 ( Soil moisture loss too fast for metric units
    PR933 ( Moisture graphic shows as binary for non-Access databases
    PR934 ( Accuweather metric rainfall update on day/night & cm/mm
    PR935 ( Average reported wind from csv is always 0
    PR937 ( Device R22 shows on general status when not used
    PR938 2015 Baseline
    PR939 ( Etherrain issues with multiple parallel zones running
    PR940 ( Etherrain water management issues
    PR942 ( water inhibit triggers too early (100 times to fast)
    PR944 ( SharedMeterUtilization index range error
    PR945 ( MySQL names forced to lower case
    PR946 ( Moisture Level trigger not saved correctly for international users
    PR950 ( Exclude Device Code changes did not save
    PR951 ( Include zone location with zone device code in starting and ending status devices
    PR952 ( Cycle restarts when mcsSprinklers restarts
    PR953 ( Hourly water use not correct when multiple zones run at same time
    PR955 ( Hourly calendar detail shows blank popup for some sensor/devices
    PR956 ( ET calc for metric changed to mm from cm to be same as other metric measures
    PR958 ( Area moisture trigger changed to save as percent rather than fraction
    PR959 ( Predict times too late when area inhibit times wrap to next day
    PR960 ( ASPinit zero length during initialization
    PR961 ( Logfile not in dictionary error
    PR963 ( Accuweather rain forecast always shows as 0
    PR964 ( Calculated and Measured should ignore carryover option
    PR965 ( Unable to download NWS forecast

    HS3 - .NET 4.0
    PR910 DoHSEventInner Overflow error
    PR911 House code selection brought out to Other Page
    PR912 Clear on SerialIO returns to General Status
    PR913 Close socket prior to retry on serial/IP connections
    PR914 Virtual devices for values turn off immediately after on
    PR915 Use HS3 X10 plugin to route X10 commands
    PR916 Treat Rain8X10-2 like Rain8X10 since HS3 X10 does not support STATUS_REQUEST
    PR917 Allow mcsSprinklers to be controlled from HSTouch (ControlUse property set)
    PR918 Zip code does not change from ???? on Weather setup
    PR919 Allow text prefix in DeviceString numbers
    PR920 Use EPA hourly feed rather than daily with estimate
    PR921 SQL Server user name parameter is user id, not userid
    PR922 ( Unassigned zones do not immediate reflect status when externally controller
    PR923 ( remaining minutes = 0 for running zones
    PR924 ( ET calc in mm rather than cm for metric
    PR925 ( GetHouseCode error & duplicate devices created
    PR926 DeviceValue changes are not retained in Plugin Extra Data
    PR927 Multiple setting of lowest moisture device
    PR928 ( Water user overage reported with 0 water use
    PR929 ( Don't set DeviceValue if CAPI finds HS device for valve control
    PR930 ( DeviceValue changes causing valve action
    PR930 ( DeviceValue changes causing valve action
    PR931 Pictures do not show on iViewer
    PR932 ( Soil moisture loss too fast for metric units
    PR933 ( Moisture graphic shows as binary for non-Access databases
    PR934 ( Accuweather metric rainfall update on day/night & cm/mm
    PR935 ( Average reported wind from csv is always 0
    PR936 ( INSERT INTO syntax error on Access database
    PR937 ( Device R22 shows on general status when not used
    PR938 2015 Baseline
    PR939 Etherrain issues with multiple parallel zones running
    PR940 Etherrain water management issues
    PR941 HSTouch toggle does not function (requires 2=On, 3=Off status graphic association)
    PR942 water inhibit triggers too early (100 times to fast)
    PR943 SetDeviceValue gives a PluginExtraData conversion error
    PR944 SharedMeterUtilization index range error
    PR945 MySQL names forced to lower case
    PR946 Moisture Level trigger not saved correctly for international users
    PR947 Annual charts not visible using calendar access
    PR948 sqlite3 added to updater distribution
    PR949 email notification syntax prevented delivery
    PR950 Exclude Device Code changes did not save
    PR951 Include zone location with zone device code in starting and ending status devices
    PR952 Cycle restarts when mcsSprinklers restarts
    PR953 Hourly water use not correct when multiple zones run at same time
    PR954 Zone moisture level updates at 8 mins past hour cause valve control external action
    PR955 Hourly calendar detail shows blank popup for some sensor/devices
    PR956 ET calc for metric changed to mm from cm to be same as other metric measures
    PR957 Valve control of HS devices has slow update of status and causes cycling
    PR958 Area moisture trigger changed to save as percent rather than fraction
    PR959 Predict times too late when area inhibit times wrap to next day
    PR960 ASPinit zero length during initialization
    PR961 Logfile not in dictionary error
    PR962 Change order of icons in value and area device status string
    PR963 Accuweather rain forecast always shows as 0
    PR964 Calculated and Measured should ignore carryover option
    PR965 Unable to download NWS forecast
    PR966 Accuweather handling of comma vs. period for regional settings
    PR967 Remote Setup control does not work with HS3
    PR968 Accept Chrome encoding for multipart forms (Other, Picture pages)

    PR969 Add Misting control strategy
    PR970 Expand to select from three csv input files
    PR971 Allow water meter input from csv file
    PR972 Mouseover help on Zone and Area pages enabled
    PR973 Actual rain inhibit not working for Accurweather source
    PR974 AreaLEDUpdate index bounds line 550 error
    PR975 Add LAN vs WAN login option
    PR976 External inhibit not recognized
    PR977 Use 0/100/-100 for OFF/ON/FAIL values
    PR978 Allow 4 character device codes
    PR979 Computed water use inconsistent
    PR980 Allow multiple syringing cycles
    PR981 Allow XML keyword file inputs
    PR982 Do water leak monitoring only if water meter available
    PR983 Remove case sensitivity to database table names
    PR984 Water use update for mixed meter/calc setup
    PR985 Add area Day of Week restriction
    PR986 Syringing repeats if no delay specified
    PR987 Enable xAP Weather.Report for SolarRadiation
    PR988 Account for sub-minute water use
    PR989 Inconsistent Calendar/Detail reporting
    PR990 Control issues with other plugin (ocelot) devices
    PR991 Add Syring for low temperature threshold

    PR992 Version 2.17
    PR993 Calendar popup does not work for Area or Site device
    PR994 Prior day rain incorrect when restart occurs during day
    PR995 Off reports as DeviceValue of -100 rather than 0
    PR996 Seasonal Shutdown does not init correctly on HS3 restart
    PR997 Shared water meter only counts water use for one area
    PR998 Improve tolerance of bad rain data for rain inhibit
    PR999 Save numeric in DeviceValue when not used for On/Off control
    PR1000 Force MySQL database name to lower case
    PR1001 Sensor table name in database set to lower case
    PR1002 Accept Site button from HS3 pages to control manual operation
    PR1003 Email not delivered on valve failures
    PR1004 UPB communication stopped working
    PR1005 Weather Underground metric temp incorrect
    PR1006 Soil moisture does not correctly account for rainfall 8/20/2017
    PR1007 Sec vs. Mins on remaining time 8/20/2017
    PR1008 Weather Underground needs API license 8/20/2017
    PR1009 AWS no longer available as free weather feed 8/20/2017
    PR1010 Allow either HS device code or device reference for HS devices 8/23/2017
    PR1011 Provide weather download limit and control 9/8/2017
    PR1012 Provide message if weather download has error/failure text 9/8/2017
    PR1013 Don't update last change time in zone devices for moisture updates 9/18/2017
    PR1014 Perform 5 minute weather download only when wind decision needed
    PR1015 Use 2nd and 3rd weather download when failure of first site (4 retry for failure)
    PR1016 Database Tables and Fields creation failure messages

    Version 2.18
    PR1017 Add MQTT protocol 2/4/2018
    PR1018 Add Linux capability, same image on both Linux and Windows 2/4/2018
    PR1019 CSV file path incorrect on Linux if specified as path from root 2/15/2018
    PR1020 Add independent license for weather vs. forecast weather download 2/15/2018
    PR1021 HSCAPI errors related to finding on/off labels 2/15/2018
    PR1022 Make devices calendar (history) clickable from HS Device Management page
    PR1023 Swap order of HS & HW reporting so HW fails will be visible in HS 3/26/2018
    PR1024 NWS forecast only valid to 6 PM so dont update it after that time 3/26/2018
    PR1025 Minor resequence of initialization to address initial installs
    PR1026 Annual chart only displays correctly for first year shown. Blank page for others.
    PR1027 Add support form MQTT valves and Sonoff mcsTasmota failover 6/6/2018
    PR1028 Add support for Open Weather Map for weather forecast and current conditions 6/6/2018
    PR1029 Replace RESTART.exe with systemctl for Linux 6/6/2018
    PR1030 Remote alias not visible without W800, xAP or MQTT interface defined 6/18/2018
    PR1031 OpenWeatherMap does not download for non-US locations 7/1/2018
    PR1032 Longitude fixed to be negative for western hemisphere 7/1/2018
    PR1033 Annual chart in line format now available with Linux 7/7/20118
    PR1034 OpenWeatherMap issues with decimal in numbers in non-US downloads 7/9/2018
    PR1035 Correct fail status report when multiple zones run simultaneously 7/18/2018
    PR1036 Search for USB Serial on Linux for all uses of USB Serial 7/18/2018
    PR1037 Put most recent info in Message page on top 7/22/2018
    PR1038 Added GoControl Irrigation Controller for HomeSeer HS3 7/22/2018
    PR1039 EtherRain status not being utilized 7/30/2018
    PR1040 EtherRain Rev C firmware added (simultaneous relay in module) 7/30/2018
    PR1041 HomeseerAPI not present on standalone 8/1/2018
    PR1042 Zone Setup missing zone pulldown content 8/4/2018
    PR1043 Initialization issues with MQTT valves 8/22/2018
    PR1044 Add management of transformer utilization 8/25/2018
    PR1045 Update sequence control user interface 8/25/2018
    PR1046 Fixed non-irrigation relay conrol of EtherRain 8/25/2018
    PR1047 Protected status reporting related to GoControl 8/25/2018
    PR1048 Add Davis Vantage IP Logger support 8/30/2018
    PR1049 Status Device 90 reports EtherRain interface status 9/4/2018
    PR1050 Weather Setup Page internet download setting expanded
    PR1051 Rain8Net status not updated without status request 9/15/2018
    PR1052 Enable email for HS notifications 9/27/2018
    PR1053 Notify if paused at start of new day 9/27/2018
    PR1054 Changed method to identify running valve on legacy Etherrain 9/30/2018
    PR1055 Removed MQTT broker connection detail from startup log 10/7/2018
    PR1056 Corrected hard-coded IP for connection to HS 10/14/2018
    PR1057 Disable valve safety actions if not in season 10/19/2018

    Version 2.19
    PR1058 Updated mySQL connector for MySQL 8 12/16/2018
    PR1059 Added OnOnly and On modes for MQTT failover
    PR1060 Added APIXU for weather option
    PR1061 InitEtherRain Conversion from string "" to type 'Short' is not valid 3/24/2019
    PR1062 Clean up weather licensing setup 3/25/2019
    PR1063 Include Std version in updater & enabled Etherrain on Std version 3/24/2019
    PR1064 Updated WeatherUnderground to 2019 API 3/26/2019
    PR1065 Excessive email notification 4/5/2019
    PR1066 Added forecast (IBM API for PWS submitters) 4/15/2019
    PR1067 Protect round robin for carryover scheduling 4/26/2019
    PR1068 Pre-irrigation notifications were not occurring 5/2/2019
    PR1069 First zone of program can run twice 5/2/2019
    PR1070 Added all weather for PWS users 5/2/2019
    PR1071 Updated parsing for PWS users 5/2/2019
    PR1072 GoControl repeats schedule continuously (auto-manual mode toggle) 5/8/2019
    PR1073 GoControl approach to deal with timing issue 5/10/2019
    PR1074 GoControl control using command/acknowledge algorithm 5/14/2019
    PR1075 GoControl response window allowance expanded from 2 seconds to 15 seconds 5/17/2019
    PR1076 Auto zone starts after a manual cycle completed 5/17/2019
    PR1077 One minute bias on display of manual run times 5/18/2019
    PR1078 APIXU reports forecast rain amount rather than percentage 5/19/2019
    PR1079 GoControl thread not releasing on Manual control to get HS Event 5/19/2019
    PR1080 Manual to auto transition may restart an auto cycle 5/23/2019
    PR1081 zip code need for PWS was removed 5/24/2019
    PR1082 Touch measurement not updated (scaling by 100 issue) 5/24/2019
    PR1084 NWS Weather does not download due to extra dash in URL 5/28/2019
    PR0185 Predicted times don't include schedules beyond first of day 5/30/2019
    PR1086 GoControl times only supported for up to 30 minutes durations 5/31/2019
    PR1087 APIXU forecast rainfall scaled by 100 6/17/2019
    PR1088 APIXU forecast on Evaluate page not showing correctly 6/20/2019
    PR1089 OWM forecast rainfall always shows 0 6/20/2019
    PR1090 Continued icon scaling issue for forecast rain displayed in amount 6/27/2019
    PR1091 Use Max rather than Last for determine daily rain 6/30/2019
    PR1092 Update interview to include GoControl and MQTT hardware 7/5/2019
    PR1093 Alternate config schedule page not registered with HS3 7/8/2019
    PR1094 MQTT Value reporting when String reporting selected 7/22/2019
    PR1095 Add ability to put notes in schedule calendar to send email reminder 8/14/2019
    PR1096 Add one minute to Etherrain control to account for Rev C reporting minutes 8/14/2019
    PR1097 Accommodate both 1hr and 3hr OWM reporting 8/14/2019
    PR1098 Remove UV as a sensor that can be obtained from OWM 8/14/2019
    PR1099 Changed device type/location from Rain8 to Valve as a more generic nomenclature 8/14/2019
    PR1100 Pulldown for restore of autosave config shows no backups available 8/17/2019
    PR1101 Added Reminders page 8/19/2019
    PR1102 Provided option for HS Room on the Wiring page 8/19/2019
    PR1103 Used Username key from mcsSprinklers.ini for Email from when available 8/19/2019
    PR1104 Added Floor option using Site name to mcsSprinklers devices 8/20/2019
    PR1105 Fixed recent reversal of To and From in Email 8/20/2019
    PR1106 Expose Email From address on Other Page 8/21/2019
    PR1107 Clean up Forecast restriction user setup on Area and Site pages 8/21/2019
    PR1108 Added debug around setting for Floor property 8/22/2019
    PR1109 Synchronized the General Status and HS Device Management Device Hide property 8/24/2019
    PR1110 Added scripting method to retrieve zone soil moisture level 8/25/2019
    PR1111 Incomplete initialization of Room and Floor on virgin startup 8/27/2019
    PR1112 Added zone soil moisture device creation option 8/27/2019
    PR1113 Removed extra debug 8/27/2019
    PR1114 Change moisture status device range from min of 0 to min of -200 8/28/2019
    PR1115 Changed Zone Starting device to only trigger event when notification email sent 8/31/2019
    PR1116 Site Off control causes Pause inhibit 9/2/2019
    PR1117 Removed reference to Scheduller.dll from mcsSprinklers_2009.dll 9/2/2019
    PR1118 Removed reference to HomeseerAPI.dll from mcsSprinklers_2009.dll 9/2/1019
    PR1119 Replace APIXU with WeatherStack for weather data 9;/16/2019
    PR1120 Use DeviceValue when DeviceString is empty for HS sensor inputs 9/17/2019
    PR1121 Area inhibit devices are hidden unless a start time is specified for area 9/23/2019
    PR1122 %0 and 100% controls added to zone moisture devices 9/27/2019
    PR1123 Reset watered today on Zone Status intermittent 10/2/2019
    PR1124 Added forced Auto button on Area and Site HS devices 10/2/2019
    PR1125 ET from CSV not updated due to CSV not reporting valid data 10/23/2019
    PR1126 Allow Linux port (e.g. /dev/ttyUSB0) to be specified for serial ports 12/6/2019
    PR1127 Added support for 8 channel IP relay 12/23/2019
    PR1128 Forecast inhibits not working for OWM forecasts 12/23/2019
    PR1129 Release for 2020 and include HS4 desisgnation 12/27/2019
    PR1131 Force CSV sensor recording on startup and new day 1/31/2020
    PR1132 Update MQTT integration for two way operation 2/1/2020
    PR1133 Rain iinhibit remains active 2/3/2020
    PR1134 Predicted irrigation could be affected by rainfall device 3/10/2020
    PR1135 Restart does not always restart mcsSprinklers 4/15/2020
    PR1136 No MQTT status update for Pump, Tank or Fert 4/15/2020
    PR1137 Rainfall inhibit scaled by 0.01 for some weather sources 4/19/2020
    PR1138 Rain from MQTT not saved to database 4/19/2020
    PR1139 External inhibit not working from MQTT 4/19/2020
    PR1140 Allow multiple applicaitons of one MQTT topic 4/20/2020
    PR1141 Round Robin may restart after computer restart 4/23/2020
    PR1142 Accuweathear rain forecast scaled by 100 4/25/2020
    PR1143 Make current weather conditions from Accuweather available 4/28/2020
    PR1144 Retain previous MQTT data after saves from settings pages 4/28/2020
    PR1145 Restart may result in Area being irrigated again 5/13/2020
    PR1146 Reference numbers not accepted for HS device valve list 5/18/2020
    PR1147 Restored UV from OWM as an available source 5/27/2020
    PR1148 Added MQTT Yearly Total as Rain sensor type 5/31/2020
    PR1149 Added inhibit reason value to predict device 6/5/2020
    PR1150 Download Count Status URL device has extra slash 6/21/2020
    PR1151 Spawn GoControl in separate thread 6/26/2020
    PR1152 Add target moisture level on zone completion to database 6/27/2020
    PR1153 Add rain as source from Accuweather 6/28/2020
    PR1154 Unexpected Area moisture sync 6/28/2020
    PR1155 Manual Stop does not work from MQTT remote 7/7/2020
    PR1156 Accuweather downloads every two minutes 7/15/2020
    PR1157 Zone Status Cycles shows both actual and predicted 7/18/2020
    PR1158 External discrete as HS device Ref does not work 7/22/2020
    PR1159 Added failure recovery heuristic to cover 2nd ET-based cycle 7/24/2020
    PR1160 2.20.4 30 Fixed Pause while in Manual Mode 7/29/2020
    PR1161 Improved robustness of Syringing initialization 7/29/2020
    PR1162 Prepared for depreciated HS4 properties (Code & Type) 7/29/2020
    PR1163 Added debug trace for asychronous zone control 7/29/2020
    PR1164 Show Program start times in sorted order 8/7/2020
    PR1165 Improve manual mode tolerance to Rain8Net com failures 8/7/2020
    PR1166 Predictions not always correct with multiple programs in Area 8/13/2020
    PR1167 Download control device hidden unless both current and forecast used 8/17/2020
    PR1168 HS virtual device as external inhibit initialization issues 10/1/2020
    PR1169 Show min moisture for only zones assigned to areas 3/3/2021
    PR1170 HS external area inhibits don't initialize properly 6/2/2021 ... in Updater
    PR1171 Accuweather forecast starts three days early 6/7/2021
    PR1172 Update logic for forced irrigation 6/9/2021
    PR1173 Accuweather International codes not accepted in Zip 6/10/2021
    PR1174 Removed discontinued Accuweather forecastfox feed and added WeatherBit 6/11/2021
    PR1175 Initialized daily rainfall for OpenWeatherMap and WeatherBit to last known value on startup 6/11/2021
    PR1176 Updates for OWM and WB downloads 6/12/2021
    PR1177 Forecast for local time rather than GMT 6/13/2021
    PR1178 Open Weather Map download change for UV and Rain 6/14/2021
    PR1179 Protect from no schedule time entered for ET and Measured 6/14/2021
    PR1180 Added Davis WeatherLink integration 6/15/2021
    PR1181 Separated download monitoring and added rain-only provider selection 6/20/2021
    PR1182 Added new Accuweather for Current and Forecast 6/24/2021
    PR1183 Update EPA UV to new API
    PR1184 Update NOAA for https download
    PR1185 Added transmitter id for Davis Weatherlink as optional parameter to identify the sensor 6/25/2021
    PR1186 Use DeviceValue if DeviceString is blank for HS-sourced sensors 6/25/2021
    PR1187 Option for LAN login is not being saved 6/27/2021
    PR1188 Show IP in Messages Page for any change in source of browser request 6/27/2021
    PR1189 Assure Davis sensors are rounded to appropriate decimal precision 6/28/2021 ... In Updater
    PR1190 Wind Table from HS devices not saving from DeviceValue 7/8/2021
    PR1191 Zone Status Skip Cycle does not work 9/11/2021
    PR1192 Rain from MQTT not resetting at midnight for Yearly 9/17/2021
    PR1193 Area cycle count on detail pop counts incorrectly 9/22/2021
    PR1194 Allow use of HS Ref for valve identification
    PR1195 Cycles continuously repeat when HS ref used for valve and remote alias setup
    PR1196 Conversion error for Temperature from HS results in scheduling error
    PR1197 Javascript in DeviceString not properly parsed so value always returns 0
    PR1198 Manual Control of Etherrain 7P Rev C does not turn off pump 5/28/2022
    PR1199 Zone by Zone soaking delays 6/8/2022
    PR1200 Weatherstack conversion to metric not performed 6/10/2022 ... In Updater
    PR1201 Rainfall validation range increased from 15 to 300 to handle mm vs. in ranges 7/1/2022
    PR1202 Weather sensor downloads return 0 50% of time fro some providers 7/23/2022
    PR1203 Add daily data backup to alternate drive 8/15/2022
    PR1204 Change in internal sensors is not recognized 9/19/2022 ... In Updater
    PR1205 Current weather rain mixes with RainOnly rain download 6/19/2023
    PR1206 Add Beaufort force as a wind source option
    PR1207 Min days setting causes cycling when engaged 9/24/2023
    PR1208 Zone setup change fails when using HS Ref for valves 10/14/2023

    Process to update Hometroller to .NET 3.5 SP1. This requires a USB Restore Stick from HST with .NET 3.0. This is not available on Series 1 PRO/Hometroller.

    .NET 2.0 for mcsSprinklersP V2.11..2.17 (full install) (folder image) (core dll only)

    .NET 2.0 for mcsSprinklersS and mcsSprinklersP (V2.10 delta install)

    Final V2.9 .NET dll is at

    The released standalone (.NET) version is available at
    Last edited by Michael McSharry; August 19, 2019, 02:17 PM.

    V2.6.29 has been posted to address issues that have been caused by use of IE to download data from the internet. After several hours of running some have experienced degraded computer operations and general inability to access data from the internet from any application.

    A new control is now being used (msinet.ocx) as the primary means to perform the downloads. This file will normally be in the Windows\System32 or Winnt\System32 folder. If it is not there then the one included in the V2.6.29 post can be moved there and registered with "regsvr32 msinet.ocx" from a DOS prompt from the System32 folder.

    If you are not experiencing the problems associated with IE then I suggest not downloading until a wider audience has had a chance to evaluate it over time to verify there are no side-effects.

    In a recent version on the Other page an option was introduced to use the Windows API to perform the download rather than IE. This option is still available and does require Windows Scripting Host 5.6 to be present. I believe it comes with XP, but needs to be downloaded, if it has not already been done for other reasons, for earlier OS's.


      Wow! That fixed some serious issues I was having and I'll now be buying both Homeseer and your plugin. I was getting worried for a bit.


        If your only reason for Homeseer is mcsSprinklers then you also have the option of the standalone version of mcsSprinklers that does not require the Homeseer host.


          Not the only reason, but the two not working together was going to cause me to reevaluate.
          Last edited by mkronmal; May 8, 2006, 09:00 PM.


            I run a distributed environment with xAP as the protocol for the various applications to communicate. It makes for a loose coupling which is desirable from the reliabilty and interdependence perspective, yet still allows each application to share the information of interest to it.



              FYI: Installed the new version and it seems to be working well. I was having some issues with performance using version 16. The new version seems to have corrected this.

              Thanks for the update.
              Regards, Bob


                I have posted V2.6.43 at . The size has grown beyond what is allowed for the message board. The updated document that corresponds with this versions is still at the stickey at the top of the subforum.

                V2.6.43 contains many enhancements and a few bug fixes. The record is at the top of this thread. It changes the format of some of the keys in \Config\mcsSprinklers.ini so it is a good idea to make a backup of this ini file in case you wish to go back to an earlier version.

                Note also that the msinet.ocx is attached with the download, but will need to be manually moved to your Windows\System32 (WINNT\System32) folder and registered using "regsvr32 msinet.ocx" from a DOS prompt if msiinet.ocx is not already present in your system32 folder. When registering, first change your path to the location you placed msinet.ocx. (e.g. CD c:\WINNT\System32)


                  I installed the 2.6.43 update, but it shows V2.6.42 at the top of the web pages.


                    You are correct the filename was wrong. It has now been superceeded with V2.6.45


                      Picture/Drawing support has been added. This allows a user to produce a drawing of their zones, areas, sites and have immediate access from an icon click to view the picture or drawing as a browser popup. See attached as an example.

                      The General Status page has also been updated to allow customization. With so many status devices one can get lost in the maze. This allows the user to select only the ones of interest to them.

                      Both implemented in V2.6.74. The posted manual at the stickey has also been updated to provide instructions on how to use the new features.
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                        quick question: how to setting other page sql?

                        Upsizeing mdb to ms sql server 2005 express, but i dont setting mcsSprinklers other page sql.
                        Attached Files


                          If your question is how to select SQL Server then it is the last option under Homeseer Settings on the Other Page.

                          I have been using Access so no testing has been done with SQL Server for a long time. I know the latest changes related to the calendar are not SQL Server compatible. I need to find a way to do the same grouping under SQL Server as Access since there some functions not available under SQL Server.


                            thx quick answer. i think maybe no change good working access ?? working mssql. maybe winter testing this...


                              That would be prudent choice