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    Sorry about all the problem reports but I'm trying to decide if I'm going to purchase the plugin so I am trying to get all the problems I see resolved.

    I have the following message in my HS log:

    08/06/05 04:03:02 PM~!~Error~!~Web Server Error 404, cannot serve file: C:\Program Files\HomeSeer\html/mcsSprinklers/images/Temperatures/132.gif

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    That is a high temperature reading for which no graphic exists. Where did it come from?


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      I'm not sure what you mean by "where did it come from". It is in the HS log and I it looks like it came from your plugin (since it says "mcsSprinklers" in the message).


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        The log message is from the plugin. It is trying to serve a file that is not present. A temperature of 132 degrees is not reasonable. How do you have the plugin configured as the source of temperature. It can be from an AWS site, from MSNBC,, a Homeseer device, or an xAP message.


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          Oh, I see what you mean. I didn't realize that 132.gif meant it was trying to show the temperature as 132 degrees.

          I think it's from an AWS site. The "Temperature DC" field is blank. Under "Time and Weather Setup" I have my zip code (72223) and I've selected:

          Adams Field
          Little Rock Air Force Base