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  • Rain Bird and Rain8

    I currently have a Rain Bird controller for my sprinklers. I'd like to install a Rain 8 X10 two way device with mscsprinklers but don't want to give up the easy control provided by the Rain Bird for occassional manual operation from the garage (where the Rain Bird controller is located). Is it possible to wire the Rain8 together with the Rain Bird so either controller can open and close valves? If so, how?

    I'm thinking that the Rain8 would control the majority of the sprinkler control and the Rain Bird would be in the off position. However, during the summer, if the kids wanted to play in the sprinklers, I could turnon the Rain Bird without having to visit the computer.
    Regards, Bob

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    You could probably wire a Rain8 relay in a way that you could put a A/B switch so that either device could operate the solonoids. You might not have to do anything different other than to wire both in series. Not sure what the affect of having a Rain8 device see a voltage from the Rainbird controller and visa versa so don't blame me if you see smoke coming out of either!!!!

    You could also just disconnect the Rainbird and put a X10 wireless transmitter in the garage and operate the valves manually as is supported by the mcsSprinklers plugin. That would be my recommendation instead of trying to wire so that both controllers can be used.