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    I have two seperate requests for mcsSprinklers with HomeSeer.

    1. Could you add another option on the Restrictions Setup page to have a Don't With Temperature and have a field enter a value, so that if the Temperature is below the specified value, then the system will not water? Here in Texas, last week we had temps in the mid 80's and this week we had freezing temps.

    2. When a Restriction is meet (Day of Week, Hours, Wind, Rain, etc), could you write an entry in the HS log as to what restirction caused the system not to water? So that I could just look into the HS log to see why the sprinkers didn't work.

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    Just saw this a month late.

    mcsSprinklers provides an inhibit virtual device to allow the user augment the built in logic with logic for there special circumstances. The mcsSprinklers temperature device (Status Device 56) could be used as the basis of this logic. A periodic event that runs every hour or so could have this one-liner to cause the status of V1 to be ON when the temp is above 50 and then V1 could be used as your inhibit virtual device.

    &hs.setdevicestatus "V1", 3 + (hs.DeviceValue("[56") > 50)

    I'll look at the second one. It should be doable


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      Option added to Others page to log reason cycle could not be started in V2.5.24.


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        I would also like reiterate the request for the "Don't with temperature below" be added to the Restrtictions Setup Page.
        We had a late April snow here in Colorado and here I was watering the lawn during the storm ... not so smart. I was out of town, so this would have been really nice to have had.


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          The Dont with Temperature has been added with V2.6.19. There were some other fixes/enhancements added to this version as well.


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            Thanks for that enhancement ! ... it is very much appreciated. ;-)