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  • last change not posting

    The 'last change' is not posting on the status page. But if I manually turn them on from some other x10 device (tabletop controller) they do get posted. Is there something that I am missing?

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    You seem to be having unique problems. First with internet data and now with status updates. I did run a test on HS2 and did confirm that when scheduled values actions occur that both the General Status and the Homeseer Status pages update with the same last change to reflect when the valve turned on or off.

    If you are still having problems with the internet data, then you can try the V2.25.2 that I posted today. The only change is that I use IEExplorer to do the download rather than spawning a process that uses the Windows API to do the download.

    Diagnostics are performed by enablling the General Debug on the Others page. The data will go to a text file in the \Data\mcsSprinklers folder.


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      I have dropped in the new build
      I have enabled the debug.
      I think the data is coming down fine. I see today's date for the forecast/weather data.

      Here's where the weirdness starts. I will say that I logged in this afternoon to see the icon of the sprinkler running - that was after I did a reset of the zones and it was going to water today. So, it is pretending to water, but the x10 is never sent and the HS log does not show any x10 commands being sent.

      Here is a snippet of the debug log. You will see that N9 has been turned on, but the x10 n9 is never sent.
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        I found the problem. I know others are using the hs X10 interface so it must have been something I have done in one of the updates along the way. I did notice that the X10 command does not show up in the HS2 log, but I observe the X10 interface delivering the command. I believe it shows up in the HS1 log so it must be some configuration parameter change between HS1 and HS2 that allows the commanded hs.ExecX10 to log differently between the two versions.

        The update is posted as V2.5.3.


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          loaded and it instantly updated the last change.... let's hope for sprinkler action tommorow.. thanks for your promptness with the new update.


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            working !!!!
            thanks michael


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              I spoke to soon.. Well, the sprinklers are running, but the weather updates have now quit.

              Wind Sensor 3/1/2006 2:24:35 PM
              UV Sensor 3/1/2006 2:20:30 PM
              Forecast Rain Percentage 3/1/2006 2:20:30 PM
              Predicted Rain 3/1/2006 2:20:30 PM

              I noticed that these had not updated on friday, but gave them the weekend to change.


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                I added two status devices that show the last time data was actually downloaded from the intenet site. I also added debug info to report blank downloads as well as downloads that did not change from the prior one so we can see which of the two situations characterizes your situation. I'm going to run overnight with your zip and aws sites to collect data and confirm my debug info is working as desired.


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                  ok - thanks Michael.


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                    New Internet Data Status Devices

                    It has been running for nearly 2 days now with your weather locations and I have seen only occasional data not downloaded from the internet and the debug output in this case showed that the site had not updated its data.

                    Two status devices have been added. The DeviceSting will show the time of the last new data received. The DeviceStatus will be ON as long as new data is being received. If no forecast for 2 hours or weather for 1 hour then the DeviceStatus will change to OFF and the icon will change to an slashed circle. The DeviceLastChange will track the time of changes in the DeviceStatus. These two devices can be used to trigger an event if desired.

                    Update is posted V2.5.7


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                      Great. I'll give it a try.

                      I do know that my lawn has been getting watered, but the other day, the forecast was for rain, the lawn watered twice that day, the second time by mother nature.
                      I've gone from one extreme to the other. thanks for baring with me.


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                        Just to keep you posted:

                        The updates using were rather slim pickins. So I changed to MSNBC. I have alot more data to work with now. But these are still unchnaged.

                        Wind Sensor 12
                        ^54 Wind Sensor 3/1/2006 2:24:35 PM
                        Temp Sensor
                        ^56 Temp Sensor 3/1/2006 2:24:35 PM
                        Humidity Sensor 45
                        ^58 Humidity Sensor 3/1/2006 2:24:35 PM
                        Actual Rain Prior 1 Day 0
                        ^26 Actual Rain Prior 1 Day 3/7/2006 12:00:06 AM
                        Max Light in 30 Days 17
                        ^50 Max Light in 30 Days 3/7/2006 9:49:21 PM
                        One Day Rain in 30 Days 0.5
                        ^51 One Day Rain in 30 Days 3/7/2006 9:49:22 PM

                        but in doing this I have found:

                        Last Forecast Received Today 11:35 AM
                        ^70 Last Forecast Received Yesterday 1:24:38 PM
                        Last Weather Received Today 11:35 AM
                        ^71 Last Weather Received Yesterday 1:24:38 PM

                        is today really today or was it yesterdays - set to - they were generally equal, is this the posted dates from MSNBC that I see?
                        but I have other data that has a very recent date, even minutes ago, just thought this looked a bit weird.


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                          The wind, temp, humidity, and rain come from your AWS weather site. Max rain is set to 0.5 until something interesting occurs with rain. The prior day actuals are updated each midnight independent of what happened during thte day. The light reading is based on the UV reading from MSNBC/WeatherXML. For winter 17 looks reasonable, but may be low for your sunny situation.

                          I now see the downside of nicely formatted times. It works great when things are changing, but when they stop the Today and Yesterday no longer make sense.

                          If you enable the debug you will see more info about the internet-received data in the \data\mcsSprinklers folder. Besides the log there will be files deposited with the last data received from the site.

                          There obviously something different about how you get intenet data vs. how I get it. Firewalls, browser cache properties are two candidates.


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                            I have made updates to mcsSprinklers so that when it detects that internet data has become stale it will revert to using the historical ET for your zip code for the control strategy. This should be a reasonble fail-safe operation and much better than using the last received data when it old.