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Having Trouble Configuring mcsSprinklers

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  • Having Trouble Configuring mcsSprinklers

    I have installed the rain8 x10 2-way with house codes B1 - B8. All zones work fine with my x10 powerhouse remote. I have installed a 4826 SignaLinc Coupler/Repeater.

    I have attempted to configure my setup in mcsSprinklers but I cannot get anything to work correctly. When I remove the rain8 controller from mscSprinkler it works fine with my remote.

    In mcsSprinklers the following symptoms occur:

    Manual mode using my remote does not work. I see a log entry that says the command is sent to rain8 but the zone does not come on. Additionally, no status is posted in the log after the command is set. It's as if no status is asked for. I have aliased C1 - C8 for the zones.

    Periodically, the 4826 picks up a PLC signal on one phase but the green transmit light goes solid on the other phase and nothing gets through from that point. I have to unplug and replug to clear the solid transmit light.

    I'm not sure what information to post about my configuration. There is a great deal of it. Should I attach my setup database, a debug log, screen shots of the various mcsSprinkler setup pages? I guess the thing that concerns me the most is the 4826 getting the green transmit light on steady and having to unplug and replug to clear it.

    I appreciate any help that can be given.


    I've just installed H2.0.2041.0 on a Dell E510 with 1 gig of memory running Windows XP Media Edition. I'm utilizing a W800RF32A, Z-wave, MOXA 8 Serial port pci card with the following plug-ins: AC RF Processor, X10 CM11A/CM12U, Elk-M1, SmartHome PowerLinc USB

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    Update on Configuration Issues

    I originally installed version 2.4.13 from HS2 updater and was having all of my problems with it. This morning I downloaded and installed version 2.5.24 and everything seems to now be working.

    I am now trying to figure out the manual mode of operation.

    This is a very nice plug-in. I hope to get weather sensors soon and define them to mcsSprinklers.