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    I use the 'inhibit today' and 'inhibit tomorrow' features to keep from needlessly watering the grass after a rain. I'm not using any sensors in conjunction with mcsSprinklers, so I am the sensor. This prevents irrigation to all areas. It works great.

    One of my areas is turf grass, another area is flowers, and a third area is a different set of flowers. When it rains the flowers don't get the rain moisture since they are under a roof overhang.

    Would you consider adding the capability to do an 'inhibit today' and 'inhibit tomorrow' on a per-area basis? That would allow me to prevent watering to the turf grass while letting the flowers run on the normal schedule.

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    What do you suggest as the User Interface for this capability? My initial thought is a setup list of checkboxes on the Other page to enable the Inhibit Tomorrow and Inhibit Today on an Area by Area basis. The same could be done with a checkboxes on the Area Page.

    I do not know what is involved and the implications yet, but willing to look into it.


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      I just went ahead and added it. The configuration is at the bottom of each Area section.


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        I just loaded version 2.8.81. This is great!!!

        I actually have a fourth area for watering trees and shrubs. So, I've configured two areas to follow the 'inhibit today/tomorrow' status while the other two areas are configured to ignore the inhibit status.

        This is extremely cool. It would never be possible to do something like this with a conventional sprinkler controller box with limited functionality.

        I will verify the performance of version 2.8.81 the next time I use the inhibit feature and let you know the outcome.

        Thanks again!


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          It rained yesterday so I clicked on the 'inhibit tomorrow' button yesterday. Today only the desired areas were watered. It looks like your enhancement is working fine.



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            I can't find this new feature. I'm using the standalone version / pro.

            What screen is this found in ? I've wanted this capability previously and could use it right now to enable just my garden drip tomorrow.



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              It's on the 'areas setup' page. You configure it for each area. It's listed near the bottom of each area. From the zone status page, you use the same inhibit buttons as in the past to actually invoke an inhibit function.


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                Thanks! I finally found it ... very nice!

                Area Setup

                Operation of Inhibit Tomorrow and Inhibit Today for this Area

                [ ] Run this area even when inhibits active
                [x] Do not run this area when inhibit active


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                  very cool option. I too have plants under cover that require watering even after rain. thanks!