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    No Pictures

    Hi Michael,

    I have version running. I can add pictures in the "picture selection" but they disappear when I save the screen. The pictures do not show up in the Touch or Area Zone Screen. What am I missing?

    Stan Wagar

    Pete pointed this out to me yesterday and was made available to address it. Update from the Other Page, Config Mgmt section. First use the Refresh button and then the Update button. It will restart HS and will backup your current mcsSprinklers dll.


      Still no pictures


      I updated as you suggested which it did, but still no save of the picture


        I misread the original post. The HS web server is not capable of dealing with multipart forms and that is what is needed to transfer pictures with browser. I had thought you previously had pictures and they no longer were visible.

        You have two choices to enter pictures. One is to select use of the mcsSprinklers server rther than the HS server from the Other Page. Do the pictures uploads and then go back to the HS server again. During the transition between servers you may need to manually enter the mcsSprinklers port on the browser URL. e.g. http:localhost:8008/pictureentry may have the :8008 missing so manually add it the first time.

        The second is to manually move the pictures to the \HTML\mcsSprinklers\Pictures folder. They will be .jpg files with the exact same name as the zone(device) name except spaces are replaced with uderscores. Start or restart HS after the pictures are moved.


          That worked just fine. Thank you