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Inhibits and how to investigate them

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    Inhibits and how to investigate them


    I'm trying to get my sprinklers to work and having a heck of time with the latest version.

    It appears that I am getting a "Inhibit Water Consumption" message and that is why nothing actually starts up.

    I did not knowingly set up any water consumption limits and have gone into the Areas setup to try and disable this, but at this point I'm just not sure what its checking or where I can/should go to disable this inhibit.

    I did recently upgrade to the latest version of the standalone and was probably on a version at least a couple year old previously.

    Any advice or tips would be appreciated.

    I'm also have IE freeze up on me a lot and not sure why, I just end up having to kill and then restarting. In addition, the mcs sprinklers run on windows7 amd I have the shortcut configured to run at admin ... but it always prompts me, which seems to be a problem.

    I was used to putting that into to my windows startup group and having it start, but now that doesn't seem to work.

    Argh, so for all the problems ... I just am a little lost since it's been so long.


    Water consumption limits are setup on the Area Page. If you do not have Expert mode setup on the Other Page then I suggest doing that since you migrated from an old version and your interview will not be consistent or fully setup.

    If you installed it "as administrator" then the system privledges should be OK. It could be something like the firewall for port 8008 or the firewall for mcsSprinklers acccess through IE. I am the wrong person to ask on how to setup security. When I have issues on my W7 development machine I just turn off the firewall when I'm testing. I only have production HA on XP or Linux.

    The only thing that requires an upgrade to current versions is if you are using one that has only and MSNBC as your forecast source since both of these have been obsoleted. Everything else have been changes to increase capabilty or port to Linux.


      Thanks for the quick reply, I did finally get it to work by turning on expert mode as you suggested, I didn't know that wasn't already on. The lack of complete setup was also doing an inhibit on everything also.

      At this point, my only remaining issue is on how to get it to automatically start up when the computer reboots.

      The power keeps going on and I can't see to get mcssprinklers to run unattended.

      Are there any utility programs that are good at doing this?


        I did notice again today that the inhibit for water use had kicked in again.

        7/2/2012 12:00:01 AM | Water use for zone R25 in Area 1 was 23200 and Average has been 3200 over past 90 days

        I then looked up zone R25 on the calendar view and it showed 232 ... so I'm wondering if something is getting multiplied by 100 in terms of usage for the inhibit ?

        I know since I've only run it once since installing on this computer that the actual usage could not be more than 232 ...


          You can install it as a service you will likely need to uninstall the application version. You can also remove the water inhibit condition at least until I get back home to investigate